Saturday, August 22, 2009

Version 1.1.2 Released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • New Screen: Other Tools
  • New Feature: Blank Forms...printable forms that are blank and can be used at the hall to take down orders and then later easily transfer into LRO.
  • New Feature: Manual & Automatic Backups. It is recommended (but not proven to be an issue) that you backup the LRO's .MDB file manually instead of using these tools...however these tools are now available for those who don't know how to do that.
  • New Feature: Download New Items, on the Literature Items List screen. This will allow you to download the latest Literature Items to be added to the system.
  • New Feature: Rapid Ordering...after placing an order, the order information is retained for the next order.
  • Changed: When placing an order, Quantity will automatically have "1" filled out for you.
  • Fixed: New Congregations will now get the Inventory Management settings properly.
  • Fixed: Types of Items that have NO ACTIVE items assigned to them will not be available to choose from when placing an order.
  • Fixed: If "Item Number" is shown on the Order Form could be cleared and the order could be submitted without the number.
  • Several cosmetic changes.

Howdy all!  This time...the cosmetic changes are a little more significant.  I am not the best at choosing colors...or making things pretty.  And so I sought the advice of a co-worker, and the ASP.Net instructor of the training class I went to last week.  They both agreed that I should settle on a color scheme and stick to it, and they liked the one I chose.  I'm sure you all will too, just give it a little time.  It looks much more professional...if I hadn't changed it, eventually LRO's Main Menu would look like a rainbow. ;-) Everything is in the same place though...except for Inventory Management.  I moved it to the other side.

New literature items have been added to LRO!  And a new update feature...the button "Download New Items" on the Literature Items List screen can be used to download new literature items as I make them available.  No need to have a full LRO update to get them (although you can easily add new items yourself if needed).

Last but not least, an issue was fixed with the Inventory Management & IM Automation settings.  If you added a new might have missed receiving these settings.  To fix this (and ensure any new congregations you add in the future receive the settings), all current LRO users should turn Inventory Management off and then back on (if you're using it of course). Turning IM on and off does NOT affect your data.  All it does is hide/unhide IM.

More to come in the next release!  But I think I'm gonna take a week off. ;-)

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