Friday, November 26, 2010

Literature Item Updates

Howdy all!

I have put out some literature updates as follows (for ENGLISH users only):

Added Symbol for:

  • 7074 - Would you like to know the Truth?
  • 9215 - Noah Walked With God - David Trusted in God
  • 9422 - Sing to Jehovah - Piano Accompaniment

Changed Name for:

  • 9239 - FROM: Faithful Under Trials and Purple Triangles
  • 9239 - TO: Jehovah's Witnesses--Faithful Under Trials and Purple Triangles--On DVD
  • 9238 - FROM: Young People Ask-How Can I Make Real Friends?
  • 9238 - TO: Young People Ask--How Can I Make Real Friends?--On DVD
  • 9225 - FROM: Young People Ask - What Will I Do With My Life?
  • 9225 - TO: Young People Ask--What Will I Do With My Life?--On DVD

The name changes are to reflect what the society has on their website.  So they will match up perfectly on the reports that are sorted by name.

ATTENTION NEW USERS (if you started with 1.3.4):

It appears that I made these changes already with 1.3.4.  Though I'm not 100% sure.  If you get prompted to download the updates, and then it says "There were no updates to apply", then please click on "Ignore" on the Update Management screen.  Otherwise it will keep prompting you.

I will have this fixed with the next if there are no updates, it won't prompt again.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Poll - Change the Suggested Stock Orders algorithm

Howdy all!

I don't know about you, but when using the Suggested Stock Item Orders report (in the Inventory Management system), I find myself setting the Sensitivity to "High" all the time. I rather see the alert too soon than not soon enough. In fact, the S-28 form recommends you stock up for a 3-month supply...which the "High" sensitivity basically shows you what you will run out of in 3 months.

Personally, I want to bump up the algorithm. Right now, it is:
  • Low - 1 month
  • Normal - 2 months
  • High - 3 months

I would like to make it:

  • Low - 2 months
  • Normal - 3 months
  • High - 4 months

I would NOT change the Standard Deviation seems fine for now. But I think this change would be beneficial.

What do you think? Please vote in the poll.  This poll is now closed.

PS - ETA of 1.3.5 is unknown at this time. I had a Bible Highlights part Tuesday, and I have 4 more parts over the next 2 months. So I've been quite busy. ;-)