Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Offers and literature updates

Howdy all!

I've put out the following literature changes for English users:
  • 9210 - Added symbol "dvbbl"
  • 5335 - Added symbol "lv"
  • 5335 - Added quotes around item name, so it matches the site.
  • 4035 - Added quotes around item name, and added "--On Compact Disc" to the end so it matches the site.
 Also, the latest literature offers are available for download, up to October 2012.

I know in a recent post I made mention of a possible program update around this time.  Well unfortunately I haven't gotten to work on LRO at all.  I ended up taking on another programming project to help out a friend and make a little money.  ;-)  Now that that's out of the way, I can look at working on LRO again.  But still, I can't promise anything at this time.  Though feel free to continue submitting any bug finds or feature requests.  I'm making note of 'em!

Hope all are doing well!  :-D