Sunday, June 28, 2009

Version 1.0.6 Released!

Updates to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • MAJOR BUG FIX: Settings query was wrong. Caused some rather significant problems if the end-user never visited the "Settings" screen before.
  • Change: Reporting Tools color scheme change.
  • Change: Swaped the position of 'Item Number' and 'Item Name' on the Unordered Items report screen.
  • Change: "Search by Publisher's Orders" now goes to the publisher immediately after clicking on the publisher's name.
  • Change: Added frames around the controls on the Settings screen.
  • Added: Type of Item on Search for Publisher, Pending Items, and Undelivered Items screens as well as the Reports for those screens.
  • Added: After you place an order, a "Successful" message appears and fades away.
  • Fixed: 'Publisher Name' on the Pending Items screen did not highlight yellow if literature item was marked "inactive".
  • Fixed: "Date Placed" on the 'Undelivered Items' screen was NOT left aligned like on all the other screens.
  • Fixed: Access 2007 sorting issue on multiple screens
  • Fixed: Default sort order on several screens was wrong.
  • Fixed: Preorders were lost if the Congregation's name was changed.
  • Fixed: Increased the size of the fields on the Reports, so that information (such as long item names) will not be cut off.
  • Fixed: There was NO sorting for many dropdown (combo) boxes in the system. Sorting has been added.
  • Removed: Background on Order Form screen.

Wow, got quite a bit of updates there!  Doesn't feel like a lot until you write it all down and look at it.  No major structural changes, so there should be no problems with upgrading.  But as always...make a backup!

I noticed I had some errors on some items.  Please review items #1146, 1147, 1149, 1158, and 1160 and remove the "Videocassette" off the end of them.  New users shouldn't have to worry about this from this point on.

Inventory Management has been delayed.  It was not up-to-standard with what would make it quite useful, so it will be worked on some more.  Expect it in about 3 weeks, circumstances permitting.

The next update will probably be delayed a week, since I have a talk to work on for the week for July 6th.  The next update will have some enhancements to the reports found on the Order Form screen.  Look forward to having more power behind these reports!!  :-)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Version 1.0.5 released!

Updates to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • Added: Publisher name to Pending Items screen & Pending Items report.
  • Added: Item Type to the "Items to Order from All Congregations" report on the login screen.
  • Added: Item Type to the "View All Active Orders" Printable Version screen.
  • Added: Preorder button & setting to turn it on/off.  Setting is off by default.
  • New Feature: Preorder items.  Used to take orders for NEW literature items that have not been added to the system yet. It's just a temporary space to store this info (no reports or other screens will use this info) until the NEW literature items are added.
  • Fixed: Publisher Name on Unordered items did not have sorting ability.
  • Fixed: Publisher Search feature on Order Form screen now removes publisher name if you just completed their orders.
  • Fixed: Minor cosmetic fixes on Order Form screen.
  • Fixed: Message when trying to click an item as "Delivered" when you didn't check "Received" first on the Publisher's Search screen.
  • Fixed: The status bar message for all Date fields.
  • Removed: quick-access buttons on Order Form screen. To make them work 100% right would have not been worth the effort.
  • Removed: "Mark Items as Ordered" feature. Too confusing of a feature. Should just print out the Unordered Items report (if this program is being used at the Hall) in order to know what to mark off when returning to the Hall.

Make it a habit, especially from this point on, to backup your current version before installing the latest version.  This update, as well as the next few update, will be more than "minor" changes.  So PLEASE always make a backup before downloading the latest.

Inventory management is next on the list...  :-)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Version 1.0.4 released!

Updates to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • Added: Ability to change settings.
  • Setting: Ability to show Item Number on Order Form screen.
  • Setting: Ability to change default language of new orders.
  • Setting: Ability to enable/disable reminder message that displays on 15th - 20th of a month.
  • Fixed: Literature Modification screen does not return to the Order Form screen if accessed from the Order Form screen and the end-user opens the Type of Item modification screen.
  • Fixed: Minor costmetic fixes.

Once again, due to some structural changes to the tables, I must strongly recommend backing up your current version before downloading this one.  I didn't encounter any problems during my testing...but it is always better to err on the side of caution.  Please make a backup before proceeding.

I've added the ability to configure settings in LRO!  Right now, there's not much to configure...I'm open to suggestions for this area.  The settings are on a per-congregation basis.  So one congregation could have the default language of new orders as English, whereas the other congregation could have Spanish as the default.  Pretty sweet eh?

PS - I noticed an issue with 2007...the new Settings screen jumps to the left on the second time you open it, and it seems to stay there.  I have no idea why...will look into this later.  Right now, it doesn't affect the functionality, so I'm not really worried about it. Just an FYI.

And just a reminder...I'm open to suggestions for color scheme/background changes to the Main screen, the Reporting Tools screen, and the new Settings screen.  If anyone knows of any Access 2000 background or autoformat templates, please send them my way. Being colorfully creative and appealing is not my strong point. ;-)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Version 1.0.3 released!

After much work, I'm happy to announce that Version 1.0.3 is ready to be released!

Updates to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • Added: New delete button on the Pending Items screen.
  • Added: Now have the ability to add/change/delete types of items.
  • Added: Ability to filter the Literature Modification list.
  • Changed: Quantities can now be changed on the Unordered Items & Pending Items screens.
  • Changed: Altered quantities are now highlighted in blue.
  • Changed: Double-click quantity (when highlighted in blue) to reveal previous quantity amount.
  • Fixed: Unnecessary message when canceling the deletion of anything was removed.
  • Fixed: lblActive on Literature Modification screen did not remove underline when another header was clicked.
  • Fixed: Search for Item did not display items that had no symbols entered.
  • Fixed: On the View All Active Orders screen, if the last thing you did was check something off, it would not show up in the report.
  • Fixed: End-User modifications to Item List are now preserved over updates.

Due to some structural changes to the tables, I must strongly recommend backing up your current version before downloading this one.  I've done thorough testing and don't see any potential problems, but I'd feel better if you did a backup before upgrading (make a copy, or rename the original instead of overwriting it).  Even though the possibility of losing data is something like .01%, you should ALWAYS make a backup before upgrading. ;-)

I think I'll be resting from programming until next week.  I hit a few bumps with these changes and I'm wore out.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

District Convention

I will be out of town tomorrow through Sunday for our District Convention.  I most likely will not log into this site or my support forum during this time.  I don't trust hotel networks...

I will get to work on my program a bit while away.  Hope to have the next release ready by Monday!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Version 1.0.2 released! - Access 2007 users READ THIS!

Updates to Literature Room Organizer software include:

  • Cleaned up code, which allows greater compatibility in Access 2007.
  • Access 2007 issue fixed: Search for item doesn't allow another search from the search screen.
  • Access 2007 issue fixed: Reporting tools has a pop-up for the tblOrders date.
  • Access 2007 issue fixed: No yellow highlights for unavailable item orders.
  • Access 2007 issue fixed: Ribbon menu gets in the way!!

The Literature Room Organizer program is now ready for Access 2007 users!  However...there is still an issue with the Trusted Location settings.  Access 2007 users are STRONGLY encouraged to download the "installer" version of LRO, which includes a use the script that comes with the installer, which will automatically add the Trusted location for you.

The following directions are for Access 2007 users ONLY:

Running the Auto-Script

After installing, you will need to go into your Start menu, find "Literature Room Organizer", and run the file "Add LRO to Access 2007 Trusted List".  ONLY RUN THE FILE ONCE.  Even after upgrades, you will NOT need to run it again.  After running it, open LRO and see if you get a security warning or not. If anyone has trouble with this, please let me know.

Doing it the hard way (manually)

If you want to run the stand-alone version, Read the directions below on how to add a location to the Trusted list:

You will need to add the location of where LRO is installed to the trusted list.  As well as the "%appdata%\LRO" location, which is where LRO's backups are stored.  Click on Start, and then click on Run. Copy and paste the text quotes: "%appdata%" into the box and press enter.  A folder will open.  Click on the address bar at the top and you will see the full path to your computer's AppData location.  You will need to add this to the trusted folder list.

If anyone has trouble with this or needs help, please post in the support forums.  Windows 7 testing will begin soon...