Monday, July 21, 2014

Version 1.4.5 Released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:
  • Portuguese translation has been added!
  • Fixed: False positive virus warnings
  • Bug Fix: Export of LRO data was not working for the French version.

Howdy all!

Yep you read that right...LRO is now available in Portuguese!  :-) That makes 5 different languages!

To my Portuguese brothers who are already using LRO...if you have English (or Spanish) items in your Literature Items List, you can safely delete them all so that they'll be replaced with the Portuguese versions when you upgrade. To do this quickly and easily, go to "Literature Items List" -> "Edit Types of Items" and simply "Delete!" all of the types. It will clear your literature items list, and then you can download & install the latest version of LRO with all the Portuguese items.

Also, to my Portuguese brothers, you will need to go into Settings and change the language to "Portuguese".

I am currently working on the Italian version.  This one will take a little longer...I am planing to make some significant changes to LRO that will make switching between languages even better.  It will mean less work for me on future translations, and more functionality for everyone else!  I plan on adding the ability to switch the entire language of LRO (including the literature items, list of languages, S-28 form, etc) on the fly.

Currently, you have to install the primary language that you will be using, but you can switch the text in LRO as needed.  Everything else stays the same though.  It will take a little work to enhance this, and I apologize to my Italian brothers for making them wait a little longer, but with the current setup, I have to test 5 different versions of LRO every time I make a new release.  It's not very efficient, and as more languages are added, that time will increase.

So hang on just a little while longer my Italian brothers.  You'll be getting your translation soon.  Hopefully in a month.

I hope all are doing well!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Vacation time!!

Howdy all!

I'm on my way to vacation as I write this. I'd love to hear from any brothers in the Panama City Beach area!! If anyone can contact me via email and confirm that Beach congregation meets @ 10:00am Sunday, and is indeed meeting tomorrow, we'll be visiting y'all tomorrow!

Hope all are doing well and enjoying the international/regional conventions. :-)