Sunday, August 9, 2009

Support Forum is moving & got a poll for everyone!

A reminder to those who heard, and an FYI to those who haven't:

LRO's support forum is MOVING to an ad-free forum.  Although I had a lot of power with the forum at, some of the advertisements were objectionable.  And since I'm unwilling to pay $5 a month, they could not be removed.  The support forum at will be CLOSED this-coming Friday.

The link to the support forum on this blog page has been updated with the new forum, which will be at: I've lost a lot of functionality moving to this one, and it isn't as pretty...but I'm stingy with money and so I'll stick with the free stuff. ;-)

I've started a poll at the new forum regarding a feature in LRO.  I'm updating LRO with the ability to edit an order you submitted (only on the Unordered Items screen) and I'm thinking about removing the Original Order feature.  Check out the poll for details & please vote.

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