Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Poll: Is the Quick-start Guide for LRO easy to understand?

Howdy all!

Now that LRO is at the point of maturity, where it pretty much has everything it needs, it's time to re-visit the User Guide and enhance it.  I plan on adding a lot more details about how to do your common literature room tasks, such as preparing your order to place on, doing the monthly inventory, and the special annual items.

Before I add all these new items to the guide, I want to make sure that my style of writing is understandable to everyone.  As far as I can remember, I have had NO feedback on my User Guide.  So...I'm conducting a poll to see just what y'all think.  :-)

Please look to the right, and you will find the poll under the 3rd box entitled "Is the Quick-start guide for LRO easy to understand?" This poll is now closed.

Only vote once, and please be COMPLETELY HONEST with your answers.  I can take criticism.  ;-)