Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Version 1.4.7 Released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • Italian translation as been added!!
  • Added: Quick Order screen prompts if the user adds a quantity and simply clicks "Close".
  • Bug Fix: When selecting your language on a fresh install, it now picks the correct "Default Language" for literature items.  Before, it always picked "English"
  • Bug Fix: "Stock" publisher doesn't change immediately when swapping between languages. Had to go back to Login screen to take effect.  Now changes immediately.
  • Bug Fix: When restoring from a backup, LRO did not transfer the new MASTER table for "tblS28Fields".  So the S-28 form for other languages would have been lost when restoring.
  • Bug Fix: The table "LROUpdateCheck" did not get cleared after restoring.  This may have caused minor issues if someone re-installed LRO or restored from backup.
  • Bug Fix: When Restoring LRO using Other Tools, the script that adds the backup path to the trusted zone (which prevent alerts that, if handled incorrectly, could cause data loss) was not working.
  • Bug Fix: The updated Statistics collector script re-collected statistics, even when collecting was not necessary. read that right!  After much hard work and collaboration with a translation brother, LRO is now available in Italian!  That makes 6 different languages.  :-D

To my Italian brothers who are already using LRO, the upgrade should be rather easy for you (thanks to the changes I made in 1.4.6).  All you must do is go into "Settings" and switch "Set LRO's Language" and "Default Language for Publications" to "Italian".  That's it!  No fancy re-configuring other than that.  :-)

For everyone else, please upgrade to 1.4.7 as soon as possible.  There's quite a few bug fixes, as you can see up there.  Nothing too major, but we don't like bugs, nonetheless.  ;-)

What can y'all expect in 1.4.8?  Well, there's one cool idea someone came up with...collect publisher's emails and then allow you to email all publishers that have items ready to be Delivered.  I am going to look into that and see if I can add that feature.  No promises, but I think it would be cool to have.  :-)

After 1.4.8....we're looking at jumping to 2.0.0.  When we get to that point....that will mean no more support for Access versions below 2013.  It's hard to keep up with compatibility, so very soon, I'm making the push to upgrade everyone to Access 2013.  Stay tuned for more details!!

Keep ideas coming!!  I love to hear from my users.  :-D

Hope all are doing well!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Literature Items & Offers

Howdy all!

I got quite a HUGE update for literature items.  Here's what's been added:

For English users:

  • 8416 - Contact card for [sign language] - Picture of open Bible
  • 8423 - Contact card for [sign language] - Picture of sister conducting a Bible study
  • 8424 - Contact card for [sign language] - Picture of brother conducting a Bible study
  • 4262 - How Can You Have a Happy Life?--On Compact Disc
  • 5422 - God's Kingdom Rules!
  • 6664 - Teach Your Children
  • 9291 - 'These Words...Must Be on Your Heart'--On DVD
  • 7136 - What Is the Kingdom of God? (Tract No. 36)
  • 6665 - Your Family Can Be Happy
  • 3494ASL - The Watchtower Announcing Jehovah’s Kingdom—On DVD (2014) (Set of 12 DVDs in an album)
  • 3456ASL - Album for The Watchtower Announcing Jehovah’s Kingdom—On DVD (2015) (Album for storage of The Watchtower—On DVD for 2015)
  • 7305 - Invitation to Congregation Meetings
  • 7306ASL - Invitation to Congregation Meetings [Sign Language]
For Portuguese users:
  • 7136 - O Que É o Reino de Deus? (folheto  T-36)
  • 6664 - Ensine Seus Filhos
  • 6665 - Você Pode Ter uma Família Feliz
  • 9291 - 'Estas Palavras Têm de Estar Sobre o Seu Coração' — em DVD
  • 5422 - O Reino de Deus Já Governa!
For Spanish users:
  • 8421 - Tarjeta de Contacto. Hermana conduciendo un estudio Bíblico
  • 8422 - Tarjeta de Contacto. Hermano conduciendo un estudio Bíblico
  • 6547 - Introducción a la Palabra de Dios
  • 6548 - Guía para el estudio de la Palabra de Dios
  • 5422 - El reino de Dios ya está gobernando
  • 6664 - Enseñe a sus hijos
  • 9291 - 'Estas palabras tienen que resular en tu corazón' -- En DVD
  • 7136 - ¿Qué es el Reino de Dios? Tratado número 36
  • 6665 - El secreto de las familias felices
  • 4262 - ¿Cómo tener una vida feliz? -- En CD
For French users:
  • 6547 - Introduction à la Parole de Dieu
  • 6548 - Guide d’étude de la Parole de Dieu
  • 5422 - Le Royaume de Dieu en action !
  • 6664 - Enseignez vos enfants
  • 9291 - « Ces paroles devront être sur ton cœur » (sur DVD)
  • 7136 - Qu’est-ce que le Royaume de Dieu ? (tract n° 36)
  • 6665 - Le secret des familles heureuses

I have not forgotten about my Russian users.  Unfortunately, my primary translator (who is in Ukraine) has not responded to me.  With all the troubles in Ukraine right now, it doesn't surprise me.  And my backup Russian translator is in the hospital.  If anyone has access to the Russian items (in their native language), I could probably use your help.  If not, he should be out of the hospital within a week.

The offers for the months of May & June are also now available.

Also...stay tuned!  LRO 1.4.7 will be available in about 2 weeks, and it will have the Italian translation!!  :-D