Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Support Site down

Howdy all!

I don't know what happened to my support site...but it disappeared!  No sign of it at all...and what's worse...there is absolutely NO WAY I can get in touch with any of the support personnel at the site. more support forum.

Considering I only have a small audience at the moment, I'm not gonna sweat over finding a new one.  Mr. El Cheapo here doesn't want to pay for a nice ad-free least not until I get a larger audience.

So...I've included my contact information in the menu to the right (  And if you would like to have a discussion about a release or any of my blogs here...feel free to leave a comment!  You do NOT have to sign up to leave a can be totally anonymous or you can enter your name (or whatever).  I think this will be sufficient until I get more LRO users.

Sorry for any inconveniences.

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