Friday, September 25, 2015

New Literature Items & Offers for the month

Howdy all!

The following literature items have been added for English:

  • 2555 - Watchtower Library--2015 Edition (DVD)
  • 5425 - Jesus--The Way, the Truth, the Life
  • 6671 - Return to Jehovah
  • 9298 - What Is True Love?--On DVD
  • 4125 - Jesus--The Way, the Truth, the Life--On Compact Disc

Brothers, please note that the Watchtower Library DVD is a completely different number than usual. Under normal circumstances, it would be 2515.  In fact, you will see there is already an item #2515 in LRO.

So...what to do?  Just delete #2515.  But please note if you haven't submitted your Annual Items using the special annual items tool, you will have to adjust the configuration to use the new 2555 number (if you plan on using the annual items tool).  If you already placed the order for Watchtower Library can either go and adjust all the orders to 2555, or just make a mental note to use the new number.  Please email me if there is any questions!

Also, upcoming offers through to February are now available.

Finally, other language literature updates will be released when I get the translations.

I hope all are doing well!  :-)