Saturday, June 26, 2010

Version 1.2.9 Released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • New Feature: Update notifications! You will be automatically notified about new LRO updates if you have this feature turned on. Turn On/Off via "Settings".
  • Added: Row highlight feature to Inventory Management.
  • Added: "Symbol" field to Inventory Management.
  • Changed: In Inventory Management, when you are on "Init'l Qty", "Rec'd", or "Stock EOM", if you press ENTER on your keyboard, it will move DOWN to the next item.
  • Changed: View All Orders report is now in portrait mode.
  • Removed: Print to PDF feature in Access 2010 only (was not working...cannot get it to work since it is not my code).
  • Fixed: Horrible flickering when scrolling on the Inventory Management screen.
  • Fixed: LRO will be added to the Trusted Zone of Access 2007 & 2010 automatically. The tool to do this has been improved greately, so if you move LRO to another location, move the tool there and run it and it will work fine.
  • Fixed: Thick dividing line issue with Access 2007 & 2010.
  • Fixed: LRO will now work with Access 2010!
  • Cosmetic improvements to the Inventory Management screen.

Lots of good improvements here.  Most notably is the Automatic Update notification feature.  It should be turned on by default.  This will alert you when there is a new version of LRO, updates to the Literature List, or a new version of the S-14 form.  An Internet connection is required of course.  If you don't have this, you can turn off the Automatic Update notification feature by visiting "Settings".  Otherwise, it will bug you after the update check has failed for over a month.

Inventory Management got a lot of improvements.  I've added "Symbol" to the list...figured it might be handy.  Added the row highlight feature...very much needed when you're updating your inventory.  Changed the behavior of pressing ENTER on your keyboard, so it will go DOWN to the next item.  I thought this would also be quite useful, and per the voting, y'all seem to agree.  Note that you can still move to the RIGHT if you press TAB on your keyboard.  And I also improved it cosmetically.

And last but not least...LRO will automatically add itself to the Trusted Location list for Access 2007 & 2010 users.  It will specifically add only it's folder to the trusted zone.  And it does this automatically upon install.  If you move LRO to another folder, you will need to add this new folder to the Trusted Location list.  You can use the tool to do this just have to find the tool and copy it to LRO's new location, and then run it.

More improvements on the way.  Stay tuned! :-)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Poll - behavior of ENTER on Inventory Management

Howdy all!

Thanks for your responses to my last poll. Looks like it is unanimous that the S-28 form should have "0" quantities be blank on the report. I can easily make this adjustment to the report for 1.2.9, though I might have to leave the "0s" in the actual Inventory Management system. I'll investigate if I can change this for 1.3.0.

Next poll is regarding Inventory Management again...

When entering the quantities for an existing item (Received & Stock EOM quantities only) and you press ENTER on your keyboard, do you want the system to...

- Move RIGHT to the next field (this is what it is doing currently)
- Move DOWN to the next item

I think that moving DOWN would be better because you will be entering all of the "Stock EOM" values at once, and so by pressing Enter, you would go DOWN the list to each item. Thus eliminating the need to click on the next one. New items would still move to the RIGHT when you press enter.

Then again...maybe you collect all the values over time, and then enter them ALL in at once. Then maybe you'd like it like it is now...

Let me hear your thoughts! Please vote. :-)


PS - the release of 1.2.9 is on time for this Saturday afternoon, pending no major issues during testing of course.  ;-)

Friday, June 18, 2010

New Poll - 0's or blanks on S-28 form?

Howdy all!

I've got a new poll available. I was informed that it is easier (and is encouraged by the society) to read the S-28 form when any item that has quantity of "0" is left blank instead. So...the poll is:

Should items that have a quantity of "0" be left blank? Or keep the "0"?

Use the poll to the right to vote.

This poll is now closed.

REMINDER: Visitors on will need to come visit My Site in order to see and participate in the poll.


PS - Next version of LRO will come with automatic update notifications!!! An Internet connection will be required, of course. ;-)