Monday, April 27, 2015

News of importance...

Howdy all!

Working on the next update to LRO here.  Got some rather important news...

The next version of LRO will be dropping support for all versions of Access before 2007.  With the release of 1.4.8, LRO will only support Access 2007 and beyond.  Though I will be developing it natively in 2013, so if you are able to use 2013, I highly recommend upgrading to 2013.

There is a free run-time version of Access 2013 available for those that don't meet the new requirements.  You can download it from here.  (choose the one with x86)

For those with Windows XP still, you will need Access 2007, you can get it from here.

NOTE:  Please REMOVE the previous version of Access before installing a new one.  Having 2 versions of Access can lead to chaos...

Also, I've accidentally broken the download link for the latest Offers of the month.  Unfortunately, the backup host is not being reached either.  I will have to fix this up for 1.4.8, and try to enhance my update system even further.

Last but not least, support for TLA (The Literature Assistant) users will be dropped.  The TLA import feature has been in LRO for nearly 4 years now.  I think sufficient time has been allowed for TLA users to hop on over.  If someone happens to still need or be using this feature, please let me know.