Saturday, August 1, 2009

Version 1.0.9 Released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • New Feature: Request Month (for those who like to manually specify what month an order falls under). Turn it ON under Settings.
  • New Feature: Inventory Management Automation (automatically add orders to inventory when they are Received, and remove them from stock when delivered). Turn it ON under Settings.
  • New Feature: System-understood "Stock" person. Orders by "Stock" person automatically disappear after being Received (No point in delivering an entire stock order of 200 Bible Teach books, right?)
  • Added: New reports under Reporting Tools (1 by publisher, 1 by Request Month...if this feature is turned on).
  • Fixed: Greater compatibility with previous versions of LRO. Should not encounter any issues with upgrading, no matter what version you are on!!
  • Fixed: Calendar on Reporting Tools is hidden after clicking a date.
  • Fixed: A congregation with no publishers could get into the Order Form screen if another congregation had publishers. Now it accurately detects when a congregation has no publishers and prompts to add some before going to the Order Form screen.
  • Other behind-the-scenes fixes & optimizations.

Note on Inventory Management...if you were using it, please turn it OFF and then back ON.  Turning it OFF/ON is handled differently behind the scenes, and this needs to happen (fixes a problem if a new congregation is created).

I also want to stress how this new "Stock" person behaves.  When you Receive an order for them, it is ALSO automatically Delivered for them.  Because it is a Stock order, it is immediately "Delivered" when it is received.  Don't be alarmed when you mark it Received and then don't see it on the Undelivered Items screen...that's suppose to happen.

Next version will improve upon current reports, fix any bugs, improve certain error messages, and add a reminder (or Tip of the Day kinda stuff) system. :-)

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