Sunday, May 8, 2011

Version 1.4.1 Released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:
  • Added: The threshold for the "Suggestions on Stock Item Orders" report can now be set by the Type of Item, and is NOT limited to be "5, 10, or none". You can now specify any value you'd like.
  • Added: For all "download update" features, there is now a mirror site for the updates. So if my primary site for deploying updates is down or otherwise unreachable, the mirror site will be used.
  • Bug Fix: TLA import feature was not working.

Surprise! Got one more update to LRO. I thought it was important to change the "threshold" feature for Suggested Stock Item Orders so that it would be more flexible. You can access this new feature by visiting the "Literature Items List" screen and then going to "Type of Items list".

Here is where you set the threshold for each type of item. What this means, for example, is if you set the threshold for Tracts to 250, then whenever a particular tract in your current inventory quantity is below 250, that tract will show up on the Suggested Stock Item Orders report, regardless of how fast that tract is moving per month.

You will notice some default values there after you upgrade. You can change them as needed by your Kingdom Hall. The default values are based on the branch's recommendation for 1 congregation.