Sunday, October 25, 2009

1.1.7 Delayed

Howdy all!

The hard drive of my computer crashed a couple days ago!  So for the past few days, I've been struggling to repair the drive, save my data, and get myself back into a working condition.  Unfortunately, this means a delay for the next release.  Don't worry, I was able to backup everything important! :-)

In the meantime, I thought y'all might be interested in this.  The following image represents the visitors of this website and where they are located.  Pretty cool eh?

I don't think the map is including every single visit from the beginning, since my stat counter only records the last 500 visits.  So no doubt in reality it should look a bit more crowded than this shows.

Thanks to all who have helped spread the word about LRO! :-D

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Version 1.1.6 Released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • New Feature: Mark all. On each of the 3 status screens, there is a new button that says "Mark All as (Ordered, Received, or Delivered, on their respective screens)" This will mark all the orders that are currently visible (the new filter on each screen can be used to specify a group of orders to mark)
  • Added: Filtering ability on all of the Order management screens.
  • Added: More "behind the scenes" backups! Made a horrible mistake? Deleted something you shouldn't have? 30 "extra" backups of LRO are automatically kept, each being created when you start LRO.
  • Changed: Duplicate order check now says EXACTLY when the last duplicate order was, and the amount that was ordered.
  • Changed: Other Tools backup, both Manual and Automatic, now rename the backup file (if one exists) before making the backup. This ensures 100% accuracy...if it says the backup was sucessful, you can bet it is!
  • Fixed: Error message when starting to fill out an order, and then you exit LRO using the X in the upper-right corner.
  • Fixed: Blank Annual Items form now includes an "Index" column for Watchtower Publications Index orders.
  • Fixed: Request month is always retained on the next order, so you don't have to select it again.
  • Fixed: Mock S-28 form font. Now looks good on XP!
  • Minor code & cosmetic improvements.

If you haven't read the last blog about preparing for this upgrade, I suggest you do so.  I doubt any of you will be affected, but I just want to cover all my bases.

I have a few more improvements in mind for the S-28 builder screens, and perhaps improve the download of new items ability, but after that I'm pretty much out of ideas.  Any of you can think of something you'd like to see done?  If so, please head over to the Support Forum and suggest it. :-D

Preparing for LRO 1.1.6

Howdy All!

When I released 1.1.5 with the new mock S-28 form, I didn't add anything to backup any changes to the design of the mock S-28 form.  So if anyone has made changes to it, which I doubt, you will need to take special measures to preserve your changes over to the new 1.1.6 version soon to be released.

If this does apply to any of you, or if anyone has any questions about this, please use the Support Forum for your question(s) or to request assistance with preserving your changes to the mock S-28 form.

Version 1.1.6 will make the proper backups of any changes to the S-28 form design.  It also has quite a few nice new features.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mistakes and corrections

Howdy all!

During my work on the mock S-28 form, I noticed some mistakes on the Literature List.  Please review the list below and make the changes on your copy of LRO.  NOTE: New users (who started with version 1.1.5) will not have to worry about this.

  • 6005ASL marked as brochure (change to Annual Items)
  • 6006ASL marked as brochure (change to Annual Items)
  • 6226 misspelled (correct the spelling of "Knowledge")

I also realized the mock S-28 font on XP computers is messed up for the headers.  Will have that fixed in the next release.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Version 1.1.5 released!

After nearly a month of work, I am happy to announce the release of version 1.1.5, with the ability to take Inventory items and put them into a mock S-28 form!!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • New Feature: Mock S-28 form
  • New Screen: S-28 Builder
  • Fixed: Error on "All Orders" report when request month is turned on.
  • Fixed: Item name choices remain after order is placed on Order Form (and rapid ordering is turned off).
  • Fixed: Error# on most reports when no data is available. Replaced it with an understandable message.
  • Fixed: "Items to order from all congregations" report footer length.

Now that my biggest hurdle is out of the way, it's time to work on some more goodies.  One feature I plan to add will be a TLA import.  Brothers who used the TLA program (The Literature Assistant) from will be able to import their data into LRO...resulting in a smooth transition from TLA to LRO.

I hope to have the next update in 2 weeks, if all goes well.

Stay tuned!