Unfortunately, there are no plans to make a mobile version of LRO. 

Unfortunately, LRO is not compatible with the iPad. Those applications that you found can only interact with the tables directly. None of the convenient LRO screens or functions will be usable. In addition, the tables are not designed in such a way that they would be useable or understandable with direct access.

Unfortunately there is no Mac version of LRO, and there are no plans to make a Mac version. could use Virtual Box (free) to install a Windows flavor on your Mac. If you're not familiar with virtual machines, it might be a bit complicated. But if you do get it working, LRO should work just fine in a virtual Windows environment. I would just recommend regularly backing up LRO to a removable disk (such as a flash drive).
Unfortunately there is no Linux version of LRO, and there are no plans to make a Linux version.

LRO was designed and tested solely on Windows. It has some components that will fail if it is not run a pure Windows environment. Therefore, emulators will probably not work. However, you could create such a pure Windows environment on a Linux machine by using Virtual Box.

If you use LRO in a Virtual Box environment, just be sure to backup often. If your computer crashes...recovering files from a virtual machine is much more difficult.
Unfortunately LRO is not available for the 64-bit version of Access.

However, you can have the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office installed, and yet have a 32-bit version of Access. You will simply need to remove the 64-bit version of Access (if installed) and then install the 2000 Run-Time version of Access from this link.


  • Can I add items manually to the Literature Items List?
Yes you can. Simply visit the Literature Items List screen, and at the bottom, click on the button that says "Jump to New". You can then enter in all the information manually. 

However, it would be better to contact me to let me know about an item that is missing (or that needs correction) so that I can make this update for everyone. To contact me, please see the "Contact Me" link at the top of this website.
Yes, simply click on the navigation arrows or use the dropdown on the month/year to select a previous month. You can then change the quantities of items, and all your quantities in the next months will be updated automatically as needed.

However, be careful about deleting items from previous months. You may encounter unexpected results...
This is certainly do-able, in fact I do it. Use the backup system on the "Other Tools" screen to backup to a flashdrive (or any kind of removable media). Then on your desktop computer, you can do a "Restore" from this same screen.

Please note that you cannot make changes to LRO on both computers at the same time. If you make changes on one, you must restore it to the other computer before editing LRO on the other computer.


Please download and run the LRO Troubleshooter tool from this link:

This will check to see if you have Microsoft Access installed, and if you do not, it will offer to download and install it for you. If you have any further difficulties, please contact me for support (link is at the top of this site).

NOTE: Vista & Windows 7 users may see a "This program may not have installed correctly" message after running this tool. If you see this, just close it. This tool doesn't install anything, unless you are missing Microsoft Access...

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