Monday, December 22, 2014

Version 1.4.6 Released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • Changed: All languages have been combined into a single version of LRO!  This means that all the literature items, the S-28 form, etc. will match the language you select.  And if you change it, it will change everything, not just the text!  This will be very useful in multi-language congregations that share a computer with LRO on it.
  • Changed: All scripts have been replaced with VB.Net versions.  This should eliminate all false "virus" warnings that were still happening with LRO.
  • Fixed: Updates are downloaded from new host sites (the old ones were either broken, or about to break).  Will download updates from or

Howdy all!

I know this doesn't sound like a very big update, but believe me, it is a MAJOR update.  Please make a backup of LRO before updating.

Now...even though it is a major update, it is VERY IMPORTANT that everyone download 1.4.6 as soon as possible.  In just a few days, everyone who is on 1.4.5 or lower will NOT receive notifications when there are updates to LRO.

Last but not least, I painstakingly replaced all of my AutoIT scripts with VB.Net scripts instead.  This should stop all of the "virus" warnings that people have been receiving.  This unfortunately means you need the .Net framework (at least 2.0) in order for the scripts to work.  Since most people have it, and since I am in a rush to release this version before the update check stops working, I am not checking for the .Net framework.  I'll worry about this with the next update.

If anyone still gets "virus" alerts, please let me know.  And even better, please contact your anti-virus vendor and let them know it is a false positive.  It would save me a bit of work.  ;-)

I hope all are doing well!  :-)