Monday, July 26, 2010

TWO New Polls & Updated Items

Howdy all!

Per your responses in the last poll, the annual items are going to be adjusted to match what is on the Society's website. When you run this update, you should see 135 Spelling Corrections (WOW!) This affects all Watchtower & Awake bound volumes and Examining the Scriptures Daily. The year will now be at the end to match what is on the Society's website, which will make verifying your order a bit easier. I also noticed a few items that have quotes (") in the title, which also changes the way they are sorted. I will let you all know when I have a solution for these (since quotes cannot be allowed in a literature item name in LRO).

Spanish Users: You've already had your literature items (bound volumes & Daily text) in the correct order!

Russian Users: You should see the new update popup on your computer now. You will also have 135 spelling corrections.

New Polls

There are 2 new polls:

1. It has been requested that I have a form that you can print out to take to the Hall and write down the S-28 (Inventory) items and bring back to enter into LRO. There is currently a report on the Inventory Management screen called "Single Month report". This report was made BEFORE I designed the mock S-28 form, and now that I have the mock S-28 form, I don't think anyone is using the "Single Month" report anymore.

I'm thinking about re-designing this report so you can print it out (and it will have your list of inventory items) and use it to fill out when taking your inventory at the Hall. Then you can bring it back home, and it will match up with the Inventory Management screen, allowing you to quickly fill in your inventory. So the question is...

Is this Single Month report being used? If not, can I replace it with this new function?

This poll is now closed.

2. Currently, duplicate orders are detected REGARDLESS if the past order is completed or not. It has been suggested that this is confusing. Rather, if an order is complete, if you submit another order like it, the new order should NOT be detected as a duplicate. So the question is...

Do you agree with this change in behavior?

This poll is now closed.

Thank you for your feedback! It is always welcome! :-)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Poll & New Item available

Howdy all!

I am now the Literature Coordinator for our congregation.  And as such, I can now login and see how the ordering & literature system works.  So...will probably have some good improvements with the next update!

In the meantime, I've got a poll.  I noticed that the Awake & Watchtower bound volumes have the year at the end (ie. Awake! Bound Volume 2009), whereas in LRO I have it as "2009 Awake Bound Volume".  I figured that having the year first would make it easier to select, but by doing this, the item does NOT line up with the society's list when you are ready to place your order, thus making it a little difficult to verify your order before you submit it.

So the question is...

Should I put the year for Watchtower and Awake bound volumes on the end, so it matches up with the society's website when verifying your order?  Or should I leave it like it is, so it is easier to select the right year (when typing your selection) of volume in LRO?

The poll seems to be broken for Internet Explorer.  I will report this to and hope to get it fixed soon.  In the meantime, you can leave a comment on this blog to submit your response.  You don't need to signup to leave a comment, you can do so anonymously.

Also, there is a new item available for ordering.  The "Bearing Thorough Witness About God's Kingdom" book is now available in Large Print.  If you have automatic updating turned on in LRO, you should see a message alerting you to this on the 2nd time you run LRO.

After running the update, check and make sure you have item #6216.  This is the first "official" test of my new automatic update notification system.  ;-)

If you have any issues with the update system, let me know.