Saturday, May 30, 2009

5/30/2009 Updates

Updates to Literature Room Organizer software include:

  • "About" screen added, with the license agreement.
  • Literature items that are marked as "inactive" will now modify orders of this literature item so that they are highlighted in yellow, signifying the order could not be completed because the literature item is not available.
  • If there is only 1 congregation in the system, it will now automatically select that congregation when you start the program.
  • Fixed tab order and tool tips on Main Menu screen.
  • Fixed tab order on Order Form screen.
  • Added congregation name to the "View All Orders" report.
  • Installer version created...for those who want to install rather than have a stand-alone mdb file.

It is official...version 1.0.0 has been released!!  The program is now considered ready for live useage and distribution.  However, Access 2007 users may experience difficulties.  I will be doing some testing with Access 2007, as well as Windows 7, and should have some news for everyone soon.

On the to-do list (so far) for version 1.1.0:

  • Ability to add new types of items
  • Inventory Management

And further down the road:

  • Settings screen (to tweak certain settings, remove some autonomacy, or add/remove features)
  • Automatic updates for literature items

Friday, May 29, 2009

5/29/2009 Updates

Updates to the Literature Room Organizer software include:

  • Main Menu reorganized...more professional looking, and gives more room for added features.
  • Reporting Tools added to the Main Menu...allows access to historical information regarding previous orders.
  • A printable report version of Unordered Items, Pending Items, and Undelivered Items has been added.  Note the small button next to each of those buttons on the Order Form screen.
  • Completed orders are deleted after 13 months of their original order date (used to be 6 months)

If anyone has a good suggestion for a better color scheme for the Main Menu or the new Reporting Tools area, I'm listening.  I'm not entirely happy with the colors, but it'll work for now.  I may change it if I get a good suggestion. ;-)

The Reporting Tools area has plenty of room for growth...but I need feedback!  As far as I'm concerned, it's complete.  If anyone wants any additional reports or features for the report, post a comment and let me know.

Last but not least, I'll be working on a good support forum soon.  The one I have now at GetSatisfaction is just temporary until I have time to setup a more familiar kind of forum.

Monday, May 25, 2009

5/25/2009 Updates

Updates to the Literature Room Organizer software include:

  • When adding Literature item, Active is now checked by default.
  • Added "Jump to New" to Literature Modification and Publisher Modification screen.
  • Resized most windows to maximize viewing area.
  • Unordered Items now show who ordered it (Publisher Name)
  • You can now delete unordered items (delete button added)
  • "Items to order from all congregations" report now keeps languages together.
  • 'Search for Item' on the Order Form screen has been enhanced to include Item Number, Item Type, and Symbol in the search.
  • 'Search for Item' sorting issue fixed.
  • Items in the Item List have been updated with new items, unavailable items have been made inactive, and consistancy in some areas has been improved.
  • Help info added everywhere!!!!

Much more features on the way!!!