Monday, November 18, 2013

New Items available...but a little manual effort is required

Howdy all!

I've made the following items available for download for English users:
  • 5419 - Imitate Their Faith
  • 7135 - Can the Dead Really Live Again?
  • *5140 - New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures
  • 5141 - New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (large size) NOTE: This item will not be available until February or March 2014. Requests will remain pending until the item is shipped


The new Bible for many of you replaces the item #5140 which is currently "NWT Deluxe (both colors)".  This was being used for the S-28 form.  As you can see here:

Unfortunately, I did not make my Literature update system robust enough to change the Type of item, or re-activate a literature item.  So for most of will have to do 1 of 2 things.

1. Delete item #5140 BEFORE you download the update.  The update will work fine, no adjustments needed to the literature list.  HOWEVER, you will lose your history of Deluxe Bibles in your Inventory.  You will also have to add the new Bible to your Inventory to track it.  The second method (below) prevents losing your history...


2. Download the update & then fix item #5140 yourself.  You'll see it like this:

If you download the update before deleting 5140, you simply have to fix the Type of Item to "Bibles" and put a checkmark under Active.  So it will look like this:

This unprecedented event has led to an "unprecedented" update for LRO! XD  And that's not all...unfortunately:

What about my inventory???

The new Bibles will be counted and put on the same row as "NWT Deluxe (both colors)*".  Is this desirable?  I think so.  I will leave it like this until I get the updated S-28 form with the adjustments.  Or if I discover any problems, I'll let y'all know here.  So please subscribe to my RSS feed in order to stay updated.

What about the old Bibles that are discontinued???

Just deactivate them.

I hope this helps everyone out.  If not, feel free to email me.

Hope all are well! :-)