Saturday, April 24, 2010

Version 1.2.7 Released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:
  • Added: Ability to print to PDF, without actually having a PDF printer installed!
  • Changed: Sort order for Unordered Items report (ONLY the Unordered status). Now sorts by Item Name first instead of Symbol.
  • Changed: Code for sorting, and now header labels will turn light blue instead of underlined when you sort by that column.
  • Changed: Code for filtering system, more efficient (behind the scenes)
  • Fixed: Other language items on Inventory Management now highlight blue, like on the order management screens.
  • Fixed: Improved detection of "Stock" publisher in other languages when adding to the Publisher List. LRO will not allow "Stock" publishers from any language.
  • Fixed: Installer cleans up LRO's folder before installing, thus removing old legacy or renamed files.

NOTE: The "Other Languages" link has been removed (details below).

All language versions are now in 1 single file.  During the installation...where you normally see the option to create a Desktop will now also see the option for which language of LRO to use.  Please remember to look for this when installing LRO from this point on.  It should remember your language choice for upgrades in the future, but only if you have 1.2.7+ installed already.

Also, all of the User Guides for other languages are now under the "LRO Quick-Start Guide" link, along with the English guide.

Regarding the print to PDF feature, you will see it on the toolbar for reports, like in the image below:

For Access 2007 users, you will need to click on the "Add-Ins" tab first:

My To-Do list has grown significantly.  I've got a couple of busy weeks coming up, but afterwards I plan to tackle the To-Do list hard and fast.  In the meantime, I have some more polls on the way.

Any questions, comments, or issues, please use the support forum.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Poll - Sort order of History of Orders

Howdy all!

Our Literature Coordinator went to place the order for the month, and noticed that the Society changed the sort order in which the items are displayed when reviewing your order.  Rather than sorting by symbol, they now sort by the Item Name.  So, to match the Society's sorting, I would adjust ALL reports that are currently using Symbol as the sort order.

My question is...have you noticed this change as well?  Or is your sorting still the same?

Please use the poll to the right to respond to this question.  If you have more details to share, then please leave a comment on this blog post.

PS - Regarding the password masking for secure PDFs, I liked the idea submitted by brother Russell in our forums.  He suggested to have it masked by default, but put a little checkbox where you could quickly unhide/hide the characters.  So that will be the solution.  Great idea!  :-)


Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Poll - Mask password for PDF & Literature Update

Howdy all!

I've got a new poll available.  This one is in regards to the new Print to PDF feature that will be in the next release.  When making a secure PDF, I have 2 choices: Either use an InputBox (which does NOT hide the characters you type), or design a small form and use some code to hide the input.

It's no problem to design a small form to do this, but perhaps those who use it would like to see the password they are typing, rather than doing it twice and possibly messing up and starting over.  Personally I see this security measure as being important for transmitting the data over the Internet, not to protect it from the person hovering over your shoulder.  But anyways, I'll let you decide.  Here's the question (and please use the poll on the right to vote):

When making a password for your secure PDF, do you want the password to be masked (ex: *********)?

Also on the agenda: I've updated the code for filtering the order management screens.  It is more efficient (behind the scenes).  You probably won't notice a difference...maybe really old machines will be slightly faster.  But this change has introduced a potential problem: if there is a literature item with quotes (") in the name...LRO will crash when you apply a filter for that item.  This change to the filter system is absolutely necessary and must be done, so these literature items (1 in English, 0 in Spanish, 23 in Russian) must be fixed.  What will happen is their quotes (") will be changed to apostrophes (').

Please visit the Literature Items List screen and click on the "Download Literature Updates" button to get this update to your literature items.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Progress report

Howdy all!

Just wanted to remind everyone that I've been taking a break from LRO.  Things are good and stable, so there has not been a need to work on the next version.  But don't worry, I've got plans for at least a few more updates.  Just know that version 1.2.7 will not be ready for at least 4 weeks.  ;-)

In the meantime, here's a new poll for you.  Remember that visitors on will need to come visit My Site in order to see and participate in the poll, which will be found on the right side.

I have acquired code for putting a report straight into PDF format.  No need to have a PDF printer or knowledge on how to use one.  I can even generate an encrypted PDF, which would require a password to open, in case you want to e-mail a report (such as what needs to be ordered) to another brother and would like for it to be protected.

So...the poll is...would you like (or see any use for) this kind of feature?