Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Version 1.0.3 released!

After much work, I'm happy to announce that Version 1.0.3 is ready to be released!

Updates to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • Added: New delete button on the Pending Items screen.
  • Added: Now have the ability to add/change/delete types of items.
  • Added: Ability to filter the Literature Modification list.
  • Changed: Quantities can now be changed on the Unordered Items & Pending Items screens.
  • Changed: Altered quantities are now highlighted in blue.
  • Changed: Double-click quantity (when highlighted in blue) to reveal previous quantity amount.
  • Fixed: Unnecessary message when canceling the deletion of anything was removed.
  • Fixed: lblActive on Literature Modification screen did not remove underline when another header was clicked.
  • Fixed: Search for Item did not display items that had no symbols entered.
  • Fixed: On the View All Active Orders screen, if the last thing you did was check something off, it would not show up in the report.
  • Fixed: End-User modifications to Item List are now preserved over updates.

Due to some structural changes to the tables, I must strongly recommend backing up your current version before downloading this one.  I've done thorough testing and don't see any potential problems, but I'd feel better if you did a backup before upgrading (make a copy, or rename the original instead of overwriting it).  Even though the possibility of losing data is something like .01%, you should ALWAYS make a backup before upgrading. ;-)

I think I'll be resting from programming until next week.  I hit a few bumps with these changes and I'm wore out.

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