Saturday, June 20, 2009

Version 1.0.5 released!

Updates to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • Added: Publisher name to Pending Items screen & Pending Items report.
  • Added: Item Type to the "Items to Order from All Congregations" report on the login screen.
  • Added: Item Type to the "View All Active Orders" Printable Version screen.
  • Added: Preorder button & setting to turn it on/off.  Setting is off by default.
  • New Feature: Preorder items.  Used to take orders for NEW literature items that have not been added to the system yet. It's just a temporary space to store this info (no reports or other screens will use this info) until the NEW literature items are added.
  • Fixed: Publisher Name on Unordered items did not have sorting ability.
  • Fixed: Publisher Search feature on Order Form screen now removes publisher name if you just completed their orders.
  • Fixed: Minor cosmetic fixes on Order Form screen.
  • Fixed: Message when trying to click an item as "Delivered" when you didn't check "Received" first on the Publisher's Search screen.
  • Fixed: The status bar message for all Date fields.
  • Removed: quick-access buttons on Order Form screen. To make them work 100% right would have not been worth the effort.
  • Removed: "Mark Items as Ordered" feature. Too confusing of a feature. Should just print out the Unordered Items report (if this program is being used at the Hall) in order to know what to mark off when returning to the Hall.

Make it a habit, especially from this point on, to backup your current version before installing the latest version.  This update, as well as the next few update, will be more than "minor" changes.  So PLEASE always make a backup before downloading the latest.

Inventory management is next on the list...  :-)

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