Sunday, June 28, 2009

Version 1.0.6 Released!

Updates to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • MAJOR BUG FIX: Settings query was wrong. Caused some rather significant problems if the end-user never visited the "Settings" screen before.
  • Change: Reporting Tools color scheme change.
  • Change: Swaped the position of 'Item Number' and 'Item Name' on the Unordered Items report screen.
  • Change: "Search by Publisher's Orders" now goes to the publisher immediately after clicking on the publisher's name.
  • Change: Added frames around the controls on the Settings screen.
  • Added: Type of Item on Search for Publisher, Pending Items, and Undelivered Items screens as well as the Reports for those screens.
  • Added: After you place an order, a "Successful" message appears and fades away.
  • Fixed: 'Publisher Name' on the Pending Items screen did not highlight yellow if literature item was marked "inactive".
  • Fixed: "Date Placed" on the 'Undelivered Items' screen was NOT left aligned like on all the other screens.
  • Fixed: Access 2007 sorting issue on multiple screens
  • Fixed: Default sort order on several screens was wrong.
  • Fixed: Preorders were lost if the Congregation's name was changed.
  • Fixed: Increased the size of the fields on the Reports, so that information (such as long item names) will not be cut off.
  • Fixed: There was NO sorting for many dropdown (combo) boxes in the system. Sorting has been added.
  • Removed: Background on Order Form screen.

Wow, got quite a bit of updates there!  Doesn't feel like a lot until you write it all down and look at it.  No major structural changes, so there should be no problems with upgrading.  But as always...make a backup!

I noticed I had some errors on some items.  Please review items #1146, 1147, 1149, 1158, and 1160 and remove the "Videocassette" off the end of them.  New users shouldn't have to worry about this from this point on.

Inventory Management has been delayed.  It was not up-to-standard with what would make it quite useful, so it will be worked on some more.  Expect it in about 3 weeks, circumstances permitting.

The next update will probably be delayed a week, since I have a talk to work on for the week for July 6th.  The next update will have some enhancements to the reports found on the Order Form screen.  Look forward to having more power behind these reports!!  :-)

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