Monday, June 1, 2009

Version 1.0.2 released! - Access 2007 users READ THIS!

Updates to Literature Room Organizer software include:

  • Cleaned up code, which allows greater compatibility in Access 2007.
  • Access 2007 issue fixed: Search for item doesn't allow another search from the search screen.
  • Access 2007 issue fixed: Reporting tools has a pop-up for the tblOrders date.
  • Access 2007 issue fixed: No yellow highlights for unavailable item orders.
  • Access 2007 issue fixed: Ribbon menu gets in the way!!

The Literature Room Organizer program is now ready for Access 2007 users!  However...there is still an issue with the Trusted Location settings.  Access 2007 users are STRONGLY encouraged to download the "installer" version of LRO, which includes a use the script that comes with the installer, which will automatically add the Trusted location for you.

The following directions are for Access 2007 users ONLY:

Running the Auto-Script

After installing, you will need to go into your Start menu, find "Literature Room Organizer", and run the file "Add LRO to Access 2007 Trusted List".  ONLY RUN THE FILE ONCE.  Even after upgrades, you will NOT need to run it again.  After running it, open LRO and see if you get a security warning or not. If anyone has trouble with this, please let me know.

Doing it the hard way (manually)

If you want to run the stand-alone version, Read the directions below on how to add a location to the Trusted list:

You will need to add the location of where LRO is installed to the trusted list.  As well as the "%appdata%\LRO" location, which is where LRO's backups are stored.  Click on Start, and then click on Run. Copy and paste the text quotes: "%appdata%" into the box and press enter.  A folder will open.  Click on the address bar at the top and you will see the full path to your computer's AppData location.  You will need to add this to the trusted folder list.

If anyone has trouble with this or needs help, please post in the support forums.  Windows 7 testing will begin soon...


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