Monday, May 25, 2009

5/25/2009 Updates

Updates to the Literature Room Organizer software include:

  • When adding Literature item, Active is now checked by default.
  • Added "Jump to New" to Literature Modification and Publisher Modification screen.
  • Resized most windows to maximize viewing area.
  • Unordered Items now show who ordered it (Publisher Name)
  • You can now delete unordered items (delete button added)
  • "Items to order from all congregations" report now keeps languages together.
  • 'Search for Item' on the Order Form screen has been enhanced to include Item Number, Item Type, and Symbol in the search.
  • 'Search for Item' sorting issue fixed.
  • Items in the Item List have been updated with new items, unavailable items have been made inactive, and consistancy in some areas has been improved.
  • Help info added everywhere!!!!

Much more features on the way!!!

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