Thursday, May 22, 2014

Version 1.4.3 Released!!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:
  • Added: "Suggested Stock Item Orders" is now a functional form (instead of just a report).
  • Added: On the Reports screen, on the "Publication" tab, added a checkbox "Show Date instead of Request Month" under "Show Details" for quick switching between Request Month or Date visibility.  You must be showing details in order to use this option.
  • Changed: On the "Search for Item" screen, the focus is set to "Select" if there is only one result. This allows you simply press Enter to select.
  • Changed: Clicking "Reset Filter" on all of the order management screens refreshes the list (so checked off items will disappear) even if there was no filter set.
  • Updated: Help information for custom threshold settings.
  • Bug Fix: Inventory would not go to previous month if there was a filter with no results.
  • Bug Fix: Inventory Management message about "order already in this language" would not translate the language.
  • Bug Fix: Mock S-28 form's text "Printed via Literature Room Organizer" was getting cut off.
  • Bug Fix: The "Request Month" setting was lost when LRO was restored after an update.  This bug was introduced in the last update.
Howdy all!  A lot of these changes are minor and help speed up (power users') ability to use LRO.  It will certainly save me a few seconds.  But the biggest change is to the Suggested Stock Item Orders.  For those who are using the Inventory system, this is a great enhancement for you!!  Now instead of just looking at the suggestions, you can quickly and easily act on them.  :-)

I also want to take a moment to give a brief shout-out to all my translators.  I have 5 main translators, and 4 backups.  I never needed my backups, until recently.  Brother Xavier has done the majority of the French work, but he is on vacation at the moment.  So I reached out to brother Raphaël, who does French translation for a living, but graciously helped me out for free with my recent need.  And then for Russian translator, dear brother Xavier, has not responded to me in over a month.  He lives in the Ukraine, and no doubt our brothers there are experiencing hard times.  So, please keep them in your prayers.

All my translators have done an amazing job with the work, and this would certainly not be possible without their diligence and availability!  Even more exciting, I am hard at work with 2 other translators getting LRO translated into Italian and Portuguese!  I have been blessed with a lot of free time at the moment, and with the support and hard work of these brothers, we are making quick progress in enhancing LRO!  Much thanks to everyone for your support! :-)

I will enjoy this extra free time for 2 more months.  So please...if you have suggestions...let me hear them now.  I will be getting right to work on 1.4.4, and soon (either with 1.4.4, or 1.4.5), I will work on support for 64-bit Microsoft Access & Access 2013.

I hope all are doing well.  :-)

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