Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Version 1.3.0 has been released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:
  • New Feature: Gridview for adding annual items. This tool is located under "Other Tools"
  • New Feature: Translation of Languages selection!! Spanish and Russian users will now see the list of languages in their own language!
  • Added: A "Find" button to Inventory Management. Will jump to a record instead of filtering the entire list.
  • Added: A button (with a green plus) on Inventory Management to allow for placing an order right there.
  • Added "different language highlight" to 2 history of orders reports.
  • Changed: Inventory Management's "Single Month" report is now a fillable form. Renamed to "Inventory Check-in form".
  • Changed: History of Orders for "Deliverable" and "Completed" statuses should have been showing the publisher name as the grouping & showing language instead of item number.
  • Fixed: Order Form "Reset" button CLEARED the Request Month instead of resetting it.
  • Fixed: Improved speed of inventory management report screen opening. Noticeably slow on older computers with a lot of inventory items.
  • Fixed: Error when trying to view the orders of a publisher who had an apostrophe (') in their name.
  • Fixed: Error when opening View All Orders report with Request Month turned on and with an order that has no Request Month.
  • Fixed: Issue with calulation of Access version. May have caused non-English users to get an error when trying to print a report to PDF.

Wow, lots of good changes! Most notably the translation of the list of languages into the native tongues of Spanish and Russian users. And also the grid view tool for a mass entering of orders Annual Items. This tool is located under "Other Tools". I want to thank all the brothers who gave feedback for this upgrade! It is always appreciated! :-)

Also, I noticed that I was forgot the annual item "Watch Tower Publications Index, 2010". This annual item has been included with the update, as well is available as a literature update for those who aren't ready to upgrade LRO yet.

I have not made Help information for the new gridview tool yet. I think it is fairly understandable, but in case someone needs it, here are the instructions:

Go to "Other Tools" and click on the "Annual Items - Gridview Entry" button.

You will then see a list of the Annual Items. LRO will take a guess at which year the annual items are for. If it is January - July, it will guess for the CURRENT year. If it is August - December, LRO will guess for the NEXT year. Please verify the item number (by clicking on the dropdowns and looking at the selection) before continuing.

You will then see a list of publishers in a grid format. Enter in the publisher's order for each Annual Item. You do NOT have to enter "0" for items they don't want. It is recommended that you leave it blank instead of entering "0". You will not hurt LRO if you enter "0", it is just easier to read if you leave it blank.

Finally, select the Request Month (if you have it turned on) and then click on "Submit". It will submit all the orders (and give you a message how many were added). You can then go and look at them on your Unordered Items screen.

I hope all enjoy this new version! The next upgrade will focus on improving reports. :-)

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  1. Thanks Jeremy, very good job man!!