Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Poll & Updated S-28 Form for Russian users

Howdy All!

I have a new poll available. Remember how I said the next release would have major improvements to the Reports? Well right now, I have some report buttons outside of the "Reports" screen. One can be found on the "View All Orders" screen and 3 are on the "Order Form & Mgmt" screen. These are NOT unique! You can run the same exact reports on the "Reports" screen by using the "Status" tab and checking off "Show Details".

That being the case...

Can I remove these "extra" report buttons, in order to save space & avoid confusion?

Please use the poll to the right to vote.

This poll is now closed.


Also...Russian users have an updated S-28 form available for download. Download the update if you are ready for it. :-)

PS - I also just realized that the "Update Management" screen is says it is the S-14 form that has an update, but in fact it is the S-28 form. So don't be confused by this...I will correct the wording to say "S-28" in version 1.3.1.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jeremy,
    With regard to the latest poll: I'm still finding my way around and had to check what you said about the reports not being unique. I see that you are, of course, correct. It makes sense to remove them, given that none of the functionality will be lost.
    The more I use LRO, the more I like it. Great work Jeremy, thanks very much!