Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Poll - Sort order of History of Orders

Howdy all!

Our Literature Coordinator went to place the order for the month, and noticed that the Society changed the sort order in which the items are displayed when reviewing your order.  Rather than sorting by symbol, they now sort by the Item Name.  So, to match the Society's sorting, I would adjust ALL reports that are currently using Symbol as the sort order.

My question is...have you noticed this change as well?  Or is your sorting still the same?

Please use the poll to the right to respond to this question.  If you have more details to share, then please leave a comment on this blog post.

PS - Regarding the password masking for secure PDFs, I liked the idea submitted by brother Russell in our forums.  He suggested to have it masked by default, but put a little checkbox where you could quickly unhide/hide the characters.  So that will be the solution.  Great idea!  :-)



  1. Don't see the link for the poll, but with the Packing slip they tend to sort it differently every 6 months or so! It could be a one time thing or permanent. I'll find out tomorrow, we're behind in placing the order.

  2. Thanks for the information brother Peter! This gives me another reason to improve the reporting tools, and include the ability to change the sorting as needed.

    Thanks! :-)

  3. Yes, I've seen this too.
    What I'd like is to see is a listing that reflects the form: lists Language / Qty / Item from left to right. This would make it visually easier when ordering. Also note that items such as 9215 in ASL is NOT 9215ASL in English!