Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Poll - Mask password for PDF & Literature Update

Howdy all!

I've got a new poll available.  This one is in regards to the new Print to PDF feature that will be in the next release.  When making a secure PDF, I have 2 choices: Either use an InputBox (which does NOT hide the characters you type), or design a small form and use some code to hide the input.

It's no problem to design a small form to do this, but perhaps those who use it would like to see the password they are typing, rather than doing it twice and possibly messing up and starting over.  Personally I see this security measure as being important for transmitting the data over the Internet, not to protect it from the person hovering over your shoulder.  But anyways, I'll let you decide.  Here's the question (and please use the poll on the right to vote):

When making a password for your secure PDF, do you want the password to be masked (ex: *********)?

Also on the agenda: I've updated the code for filtering the order management screens.  It is more efficient (behind the scenes).  You probably won't notice a difference...maybe really old machines will be slightly faster.  But this change has introduced a potential problem: if there is a literature item with quotes (") in the name...LRO will crash when you apply a filter for that item.  This change to the filter system is absolutely necessary and must be done, so these literature items (1 in English, 0 in Spanish, 23 in Russian) must be fixed.  What will happen is their quotes (") will be changed to apostrophes (').

Please visit the Literature Items List screen and click on the "Download Literature Updates" button to get this update to your literature items.


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