Monday, March 15, 2010

Version 1.2.6 Released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • Added: User-guide is now included with the installer.
  • Fixed: reports no longer show blue highlight when report is blank.
  • Fixed: S-28 date range on Inventory Report is now being translated.
  • Fixed: "Stock" publisher is now being translated.
  • Changed: Location of LRO's "behind-the-scenes" backups are now the same location as where LRO is run from.
  • Changed: "Behind-the-scenes" backups will not grow more than 10 total. Was 46 total before.
  • Changed: LRO will open maximized (when using the Installer's shortcut).
  • Changed: Can now have blank Request Month case you want to make yourself select a Request Month for each order (if Request Month is turned on).
  • Changed: Item Number no longer has strict format requirements (such as ####). Only limitation is it must be no longer than 12 characters, however certain special characters are still restricted.
  • Minor improvements to code that may improve speed on slower machines.

As I mentioned before, LRO is now Installer only.  There will no longer be a stand-alone version.  Ironically, however, the change to the "behind-the-scenes" backups has actually made LRO 100% portable now...because the backups necessary to "survive" an upgrade are now being stored in the same location where LRO is being run.  After installing LRO, you can find & copy the folder to a flash drive and run it from there if you want to.  If you do this, LRO will NOT leave any data on your computer anymore, so if you have security concerns, they can now be 100% resolved.  And if you use this ability, don't neglect making backups on another drive!!

I still don't recommend using LRO on a flash drive, simply because it will operate slower, and there's the danger of disconnecting the drive without stopping LRO, thus resulting in a loss of data.  Also know that LRO could easily use up to 80 - 110 MB of your flash drive's space due to the backups it automatically keeps.  But if you would like help in running LRO on a flash drive, please post a request in the support forum.

Last but not least, the user-guides for Spanish & Russian users have been updated.  Still don't have the S-28 form setup for Russian users yet, but I'll get it soon.

In the meantime, I'm taking a break.  You'll see some more polls to vote on some more ideas and would like some feedback.  ;-)

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