Friday, August 1, 2014

New Literature Items and Offers

Howdy all!

Just a quick little update here.  For English users, I've added the following items:
  • 9282ASL - 'Come Be My Follower'--On DVD
  • 1502ASL - Exodus--On DVD
  • 9292ASL - Questions Answered in the Bible--On DVD
  • 8410 - Contact card for
For Spanish users, I've added:
  • 8410 - Tarjeta de contacto para
For Russian users, I've added:
  • 2413 - Пойте Иегове (вокальное исполнение, на CD, диск 3)
  • 8410 - Визитная карточка
  • 8421 - Визитная карточка (8421)
I have not heard back from my French translator yet, but once I do, I'll add any new items that are pending for y'all.  And as far as Portuguese goes, my translator said there was no item 8410 available for y'all.

Also, I've made the literature offer for November and December available to download.

I hope all are doing well!!  :-)

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