The following is a list of features found in Literature Room Organizer:
  • Track orders for multiple congregations & report on them separately.
  • Advanced filtering system for easy management of orders (including the counting of a group of items).
  • Search for a particular item by name, number, & symbol.
  • Quickly pull up the orders (and past orders) of a particular publisher.
  • A full-featured inventory management system!  Complete with a Mock S-28 Form (which you can customize to fit your region).
  • Suggested stock item orders based on your monthly movement & current stock quantity.
  • Quick grid entry for annual items
  • Printable blank form for ordering items & a printable blank grid form for annual items.
  • Reports based on Publication, Date, or Publisher.
  • Automatic literature updates!
  • Automatic backup system!
  • Reminders about upcoming offers!
  • Designed to be able to be used directly at your Kingdom Hall!
  • And more!!!!