Thursday, April 17, 2014

Version 1.4.2 Released!!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:
  • Added: "Custom Code" button on the "About" page to expand functionality of LRO, as well as aid with troubleshooting.
  • Added: Capturing of statistical information for program improvement.
  • Changed: After searching for a literature item on the Order Form, focus is set to the "quantity" field to help speed up ordering.
  • Changed: On the Inventory Management screen, the "Process Month" button is now called "Start New Month" in order to help prevent confusion.
  • Changed: Grey highlight on S-28 form for the "Moved" column is now a few shades lighter to help increase readability.
  • Added: FRENCH version of LRO!!

Howdy everyone!  Some rather exciting news today!  It has been almost 3 years since the last time LRO was updated.  My how time flies!  I have finally had some time lately to sit down and work on LRO itself, as well as work with a French brother to complete the French translation.  And it is!  I hope LRO will be just as useful to all our French brothers as it has been to the rest of us.


As with any update...please MAKE A BACKUP of your copy of LRO.  I've done thorough testing, and there shouldn't be any problems.  But's been almost 3 years.  Make a backup...just in case.  ;-)

With this version, I've added the ability for me to collect statistical information about LRO's usage.  This includes the # of orders, # of publishers, # of inventory items, and your settings.  None of the information collected is any personal information (I don't collect names, PC information, etc).  Because of this...your computer should give you an alert when you start LRO (asking if you want to block/unblock "LRO_Custom_Code.exe")  Please allow this file to have Internet access if you are prompted.  This statistical information will allow me to see how LRO is being used, and where I should focus my efforts for enhancements to the User Guide, as well as future features.

To my French brothers who are already using LRO...if you have English items in your Literature Items List, you can safely delete them all so that they'll be replaced with the French versions when you upgrade.  To do this quickly and easily, go to "Literature Items List" -> "Edit Types of Items" and simply "Delete!" all of the types.  It will clear your literature items list, and then you can download & install the latest version of LRO with all the French items.

Thanks a bunch for everyone's help and suggestions!  I am going right to work on 1.4.3, and hopefully the next version will be released in about a month.

Hope all are doing well and had a good memorial! :-)

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