Saturday, February 26, 2011

New S-28 Form & Item

Howdy all!

I just received the updated S-28 form for English, and have made the changes to LRO. They are now available for download (via Inventory Management -> Build Mock S-28 Form -> Download S-28 Updates). Or you can just wait until LRO prompts you to download the updates. ;-)

For Spanish users, I have not received any word on an update for you yet. I will check into it and if one is available, I will make the changes. LRO will inform you when it is available.

For Russian users, I heard there was no update yet for your S-28 form.

Also, I have made the 2011 Memorial Invitations (#7681) available for download for English users.


  1. Portuguese... Please!

    1. In order to provide a Portuguese version, I would need English/Portuguese translators. Anyone volunteering? :-)