Friday, January 7, 2011

Version 1.3.7 Released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • New Feature: The ability to keep track of Upcoming Offers and quickly place orders for them! NOTE: This screen can be reached by visiting the Order Form screen and clicking on "Upcoming Offers..."
  • Added: Ability to edit orders on the "Deliverable Items" screen.
  • Changed: Inventory Reports screen no longer closes after you run a report. It will stay open.
  • Changed: Deliverable Items screen's default sort order. Now sorts everything by Publisher Name first.
  • Fixed: Tab order on Inventory Management and Update Management.
  • Fixed: Inventory Reports screen now resizes, if you have the window resize setting turned on.
  • Fixed: Publisher dropdown list on "Pending Items" screen was not sorted alphabetically.
  • Fixed: Tables for the annual order grid system were not being imported after upgrades or restores.
  • Fixed: Combo boxes for certain screen (Login & Inventory Reports) would change their background to transparent, thus making them hard to see. Issue for 2007 & 2010 users.
  • Fixed: "#ERROR" on Detailed reports by Publication, whenever there was an order without a Request Month and the Request Month setting was turned on.
  • Cosmetic Improvements: Removed background image from several screens, and changed the color of a few screens.

NOTE: If anyone was using the "Preorder" keep track of orders for literature items that are not yet available...PLEASE look at that screen and write down what you have before upgrading, because the "Preorder" system has been removed with this upgrade.

With the new feature of "Upcoming Offers", you can now be reminded to place orders for the items that will be offered in the upcoming months. It is my hope that this system will not only remind you to order the items, but also help you to decide how much to order of each. But in order for it to do that, you will need to be using the Inventory Management system. If you aren't, then this new feature will just be a good reminder. ;-)

First of all, if you have the same cutoff day each other words, you place orders for literature on the same day every month...then you may want to head over to "Settings" and put that day in the new setting called "Cutoff Day for Upcoming Offers". Then, when you download new offers, it will automatically assign a date 2 months early so that you can be sure to order some of that offer well in advance. In other words, if my cutoff day is the 28th, then the deadline for the offer of May will be 3/28/2011. You can always change the deadline if you wish...

If you do not have the same cutoff date each month, then you should leave this setting alone. When you download literature updates, you will see the deadline as "May '11". This tells you the offer's month & year. You will have to manually assign a deadline for that offer. So use your discernment.

When you download new upcoming offers, they will be added (separately) to each congregation in LRO. However, if you are using the setting "Which congregation handles stock orders?", then only that congregation will receive the upcoming offers that are downloaded.

Also, when looking a the Upcoming Offers screen, you will notice a box before each order, with a "1" or a "2" in it. The "1" represents the Primary offer of the month. The "2" represents the Secondary offer(s) of the month. You can change these numbers as you wish (and even enter others...3, 4, 5, etc.). If you manually add an offer, this field is not required.

Last but not NOT delete offers that you download. Just mark them as "Done" if you don't want to use them, or if you are actually done with them. Otherwise, if they are deleted, they will get re-downloaded with your next update.

This is the final planned update for LRO. I will give it 2 weeks before I shift gears and work on a more detailed user guide and more translations. Of course, if there are bugs, or really good ideas, then there will be more updates. But as of now, there are none scheduled.

Thank you all for your support & feedback!!

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