Monday, December 13, 2010

Version 1.3.5 Released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • New Feature: A separate Inventory for each congregation!!!
  • Added: Help information for two new Inventory Management settings.
  • Added: Suggested Stock Item Orders report...suggested items that you haven't ordered more of yet are highlighted in bold.
  • Changed: On Publisher report, you will see "*All Publishers" instead of a blank selection.
  • Changed: Increased Suggested Stock Item Orders is 2 (Low), 3 (Normal), or 4 (High) months, instead of 1, 2, or 3.
  • Changed: On the Inventory Management screen...items now sort by "language" first.  This matches the "Month Check-In" form.
  • Changed: On duplicate order warning, the status names match up with the statuses you see on the Order Form screen.  Less confusion...
  • Changed: On Inventory Management screen, after Processing the month...the filter is cleared.
  • Changed: On Inventory Management screen, after deleting a whole month...the filter is cleared.
  • Changed: Deliverable/Completed summary & detailed reports under the "Publication" (formerly "Status") tab.  They now are ordered by publications first.
  • Fixed: Update Management will not prompt again if there were no updates to apply.
  • Fixed: "Process Month" doesn't return after deleting the last month, if it was invisible.
  • Fixed: On Inventory Management screen, if a filter is in use that returns 0 results, you cannot process the month or delete the month. Now you can.


With this release comes the new feature of separate Inventories.  This is a fairly BIG change.  Although everything went well through testing, let us remember that I am NOT perfect, and therefore there is potential for issues.

Also...please make sure you have read the blog post below (regarding preparing for this update) before you do the update!

Alright, now that all the warnings are out of the way...I'd like to say this update has quite a few label changes regarding the reports.  If you look at the "Reports" screen, you will notice several changes to the words (such as "Publication" as the tab name instead of "Status"), and the none of the reports say "History" of this and that.  It's much simpler now.  This has freed up some space for the titles of some of the reports, more friendly for those with long-named congregations.

Also, you will noticed the DETAILED reports for "Deliverable" & "Completed" orders under the "Publication" tab are now grouped by publication.  Those that liked the way it was before (grouped by Publisher) need to use the report found under the "Publisher" tab.  You will get the same result.

This is the last update...unless someone can show me some bugs.  If I don't get any bug submissions in 2 weeks, then I will shift gears to do more translations & more detailed documentation.

Once again, I thank everyone for their feedback!  :-)

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