Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Poll: What is your cutoff date for submitting your orders?

Howdy all!

Thank you for your participation with the previous poll. I was surprised to see how many people wanted to keep the "New Month Detected" message on the Inventory Management. It shall stay! Thanks for your feedback. :-)

As far as the "Preorder" screen, due to the responses and my own inclination, it is still scheduled to be removed. If anyone really wants to keep it, then please leave a comment on this post letting me know how much you use it and any other really good reasons for keeping it. My reasons for removing are:

  1. Less confusion (don't have to explain this feature)
  2. Space saved (on the screen, and regarding LRO's size).
  3. One less thing to maintain.
  4. One less thing to translate.
  5. And the biggest reason: Absolutely no different than pen & paper. In fact, pen & paper is currently superior, unless I would add a printable version of the Preorder items, which would be another thing to maintain & translate.

So yeah...I might still keep it...but I need to be convinced. ;-)

Alright...for the new poll...which is in regard to a new feature I'm trying to add...I need to know:

When is the cutoff date for you submitting your orders to (or for mailing your orders off)? This poll is now closed.

I don't want to know the date when you usually decide to do it...I want to know the actual cutoff date when must submit your order. Knowing this will affect how I design the new feature.

Please, I would like as many responses as possible. The more I collect, the better I can design the new feature. And I'm hoping to work on it this Friday. So please vote as soon as possible.



  1. Hi Jeremy,
    I'm in UK and the deadline for submitting literature requests via the website falls on a different day each month. For example, the deadline for April 2011 is 4th May and the deadline for September 2011 is 28th September. Those are the two extremes, with deadlines for other months falling somewhere between those. Now, if you could allow for entering the deadline dates for the coming year, such that a reminder could be generated... ;)

  2. Hello brother Dave!

    Thanks for the enlightenment. This is very good to know, as it will affect my design. I thought everyone had a single cutoff date like we do. Obviously not!

    Thanks! :-)