Sunday, October 31, 2010

Version 1.3.4 Released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • New Feature: Inventory Automation...when you mark an item as ordered, it will add it to Inventory with all values at 0. This will help because now the item will appear on the Month Check-In form, so you don't have to enter it in manually.
  • New Feature: Setting for a minimum threshold on the Suggested Stock Item Orders report.
  • New Feature: Setting to Highlight negative values on the Mock S-28 Form.
  • Added: Extra warning if refusing to do import of data on LRO upgrade.
  • Added: Inventory Management...a "delete whole month" button.  Looks like a trash can.
  • Added: Help information for the Annual Items ordering screen.
  • Added: "*All Languages" and "*All Congregations" selections on Report filters...instead of just being blank selections.  Less confusing.
  • Added: Reports...Publisher(tab)...the ability to filter by the "Stock" publisher.
  • Added: Reports...Publisher(tab)...the ability to show ALL of a publisher's activity, regardless of Status.
  • Added: Quick view date if Request Month is turned on. On all Order Management screens...hold down SHIFT on your keyboard and double-click on the Request Month field to see the Order Placed Date.
  • Changed: If there is no "LRO_Backup.mdb", LRO will now always make a backup on close, regardless of if you went anywhere in the system.
  • Changed: Wording on Mock S-28 Form's disclaimer to say "unless you are given permission to do so."
  • Changed: Settings that are applied to all congregations are saved immediately...this will prevent any issues that may occur if LRO were to crash or exit improperly when you are on the Settings screen.
  • Fixed: "Reset Filter" on Reports...Publisher(tab) did not reset the Order Status to a valid entry.
  • Fixed: Annual Items grid entry no longer allows negative numbers.
  • Fixed: Annual Items grid entry no longer submits orders for '0' quantity.
  • Fixed: English languages show up on Suggested Stock Item Orders report, regardless of your language settings.
  • Bug Fix: Access 2010 doesn't hide ribbon on load. Need to check registry for ribbon.
  • Bug Fix: Error when exiting LRO while viewing any one of the Inventory Management reports.
  • Bug Fix: Issues on Inventory Management when deleting an entire month (next/prev buttons not needed, no process month, can't go to last month after deleting latest when there are 2 left).
  • Bug Fix: Bug with Reports...Request Month(tab)...the report was always looking for "Stock" publisher in calculation.
  • Bug Fix: Inventory Automation issue with storing items as their Visible language...instead of the LanguageID.

With 2 new settings, the Settings screen changes again.  There is a new "Inventory Management" section, and the inventory management automation moved over there along with the 2 new settings.  Regarding the "Threshold" setting...from my testing, you may get many suggestions to order items you no longer keep in stock.  If that is the case, you have 2 options.  You can either turn OFF the Threshold option, or you can deactivate the items that you don't want to show up as suggested orders.

To Spanish & Russian users:

If you use the Inventory Management Automation may have encountered a bug that was fixed with this release.  This bug was only evident on the Inventory Management screen.  If you see "Español" or "Русский" being highlighted in blue, as if it wasn't your default language, then you have experienced this bug.  Or if you see "Español" or "Русский" as a choice of language twice, then you will have experienced this bug.  In this case, please send me an e-mail since you will need specific instructions on how to fix this bug.  Once fixed, you won't see it again because the cause of the bug has been fixed with 1.3.4.  Sorry for any inconveniences.

Thanks to all who submitted bugs & new feature requests.  I have had a few requests regarding separating Inventory Management by congregation.  This makes sense to me and will be done.  So...looks like 1.3.4 isn't the last update just yet.  I will have another release before I switch focus to more translations.

Thanks again for your support!  :-)


  1. Hi Jeremy,
    Is it possible to have the Inventory Management form view show the same sort order as the monthly Inventory Check-in report? At the moment, if I sort the form on language, the other fields seem to sort randomly. It would be useful to have them the same, for ease of data entry. Sorry I missed this before the update.

  2. Hello brother Dave!

    Now that you mention it, I see that the Check-in form has an extra sort expression of "Language" before the other 3 sort expressions. The Inventory Management screen does not sort by "Language" at all. I can easily add that to the sort order, and then it will be 100% the same.

    We have very very little stock in other languages, thus we don't count it. So I've missed this.

    Changing the sort order & then matching it on the Check-in form is not practical at this time. The Check-in form also employs grouping, the form does not. In addition, there are a total of 4 sort expressions on the report: CategorySortOrder (based on S28), SortOrder (based on S28), and ItemNumber. When you change the sort order of the form, they all get wiped out and only ONE sorting is applied.

    I see changing the sorting for the form as being a rare need. But adding "Language" to the form's sort expressions sounds like that will help you out a lot. :-)