Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Version 1.3.3 Released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • Added: "Pending" field to Suggested Stock orders report. Also changed the "Order Placed" field to either be a blank checkbox, or show how much you actually ordered if you placed an order already for one of the suggested items.
  • Changed: The detailed Pending Items report now sorts by "Type of Item" first, and then item number.
  • Changed: Reports screen...Status dropdown now says "*All Active Orders" instead of just being blank.
  • Changed: Inventory Management will now stay on same item when going to another month.
  • Removed: Extraneous Report buttons.
  • Fixed: Length of progress bar for Russian users.
  • Fixed: After deleting a whole month from Inventory, if you click on "Prev. Month", it now successfully goes to the previous month, instead of jumping 2 months over.
  • Fixed: Some of the font appears as cursive on Run-time only editions of Access.
  • Fixed: Missing translated version of language "English" for Spanish & Russian users.
  • Bug Fix: "Request Month" field was showing up on Unordered Items screen when "Date Placed" field was suppose to.
  • Bug Fix: The filter for "Date Placed" on the Publisher Order Search screen was not working.
  • Bug Fix: View All Orders screen...if you filter for a language & also are showing completed orders, then when you try to return to the Main Menu, an error occurs.
  • Bug Fix: SendKeys "Permission Denied" issue on UAC enabled computers. SendKeys are used to hide the Ribbon (for Access 2007 & 2010 users), which simply fails. But when using the "Find" button on Inventory Management, it gives an "Permission Denied" error. Some users may still experience this under very specific circumstances.
  • Bug Fix: "Invalid use of null" if there is an S-28 form update available after reloading data.
  • Bug Fix: Inventory Management screen...error when trying to add a quick order for a new item (blank line). Now does nothing at all (instead of throwing up an error).
  • Bug Fix: "Date Placed" filter would not work on all order screens if the user's computer had a system date for another region.
  • Minor cosmetic changes.

LOTS of bug fixes on this one!  I had no idea I had so many bugs crawling around!  O_o

I hope y'all like the improvements to the Suggested Stock Item Orders report.  Instead of just showing a checkbox, which is checked when you placed an order for one of the suggested items already, it now shows the QUANTITY of how much you actually ordered.  But if you haven't ordered one of the suggested items yet, an empty checkbox is there (in case you want to print it out and check it off when you get around to ordering it).  Also added a "Pending" you can see if you have any of the suggested item on the way already too!

As was mentioned in a previous post & poll, the "extra" report buttons found on the Order Form screen and the View All Orders screen have been removed.  The same reports can be found on the Reports screen by using the "Status" tab, selecting the appropriate status, and then checking off "Show Details".


There is only ONE more update planned for LRO.  That being a fact, please submit any and all bugs you may find with this new release.  Any special requests should also be submitted as soon as possible.

After the release of 1.3.4, a more detailed instruction manual will be worked on...and more translations of LRO may also be developed, if there is interest.  English volunteers will be needed to supervise and "proofread" the translations.  More details will be provided later.

Of course...literature updates will always continue.  And new versions will be released as needed.  I'm not stopping my work with LRO...just changing focus from new features to more translations.  ;-)

Much thanks to everyone who has helped with this project!


  1. Hi Jeremy,
    On the report for items "pending" it might be useful - if we're talking about saving paper - to consider Watchtower Library on CDROM along with Annual Items. Just like those, requests can remain pending for a long time and can amount to two or more pages.

  2. I would like to be able to change the font sizes so that I can print some of the reports not made for printing.

  3. Hello brother Nathan!

    I don't think this request will make the scope of this project, but perhaps I can provide an alternate solution. Can you give me some examples of reports that are "not made for printing"?

    Thanks for the feedback! :-)

  4. Nathan,
    As far as I can see, all available reports are "made for printing." Are you referring to form views?