Sunday, September 26, 2010

Version 1.3.2 has been released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • Added: The "Order Placed" field to the Suggested Stock Item Orders report. This shows if you already placed an order for a suggested item.
  • Changed: Inventory Month Check-In form was only using Initial Quantity to display your current inventory quantity. Now it is using Initial Quantity + Received.
  • Changed: LRO's default backup system doesn't make a new backup when all you did was just open LRO. You must navigate to the Main Menu or go to the Congregation List screen before LRO will do a backup.
  • Fixed: Suggested Stock Item Orders was not handling items in multiple languages correctly.
  • Fixed: Suggested Stock Item Orders was using the "Moved" column to calculate your current Stock Quantity. That might work for some people...however using Initial Quantity + Received will work even better, which is what it is now using.
  • Fixed: If you just turned the automatic update checking system back on, and the last check was a failure, LRO will say that the update check has failed for the last month. Now...turning the auto-update check system on/off will reset the month calculation.
  • Fixed: Manually doing an update (outside of the Update Management screen) will now be recorded so LRO won't prompt you again that there is an update available.

This update is mainly about some fixes.  There is a new field on the Suggested Stock Item Orders report.  This field is a box that you can use to check off (if you print out the report). will check it off automatically if you already have an order for the item that is suggested.  If you have an order that is either Unordered or Pending, then you will see that LRO will check off this field for you.  This is to help you see that you've already taken the suggestion and placed an order.

Also, if you noticed, I was using the "Moved" column to calculate your current Stock Quantity for the Suggested Stock Item Orders report.  Yeah I know...what was I thinking?  Well, "Moved" always accurately showed the total we have in stock (until I update the Stock EOM)...but I wasn't thinking about my users who might have automatic inventory management turned on.  Their numbers would be different. has been adjusted.  ;-)

Improvements to reports are next...unless someone can point out a few bugs I missed.  ETA is 2 months.  Yeah...time for a break.

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