Saturday, September 11, 2010

Version 1.3.1 Released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • New Feature: When opening the mock S-28 form, LRO checks to make sure there are no "erroneous" links.
  • New Feature: When opening the mock S-28 form, LRO checks to make sure all inventory items have a link to one of the S-28 fields.
  • New Feature: Inventory Management has a new report called "Suggested Stock Item Orders". Based on your monthly movement of literature, LRO will try to predict what you will run out of soon, and how much you should order of it.
  • Added: Inventory Management...unavailable items are now highlighted in yellow.
  • Added: "Search for Literature" (accessed via the Order Form screen) now has the ability to show "inactive" items. If you select an "inactive" item, you can actually re-activate it from this screen too!
  • Added: Mock S-28 Form button to clear everything in the Mock S-28 Builder.
  • Added: Mock S-28 Form button to export all of the Mock S-28 Builder settings.
  • Added: Mock S-28 Form report to show all of the current links
  • Added: Duplicate order warning now shows you the status of the duplicated order.
  • Changed: Mock S-28 Form Builder...will now clean up "orphaned" links upon opening, even though such "orphaned" links should never happen.
  • Changed: Mock S-28 Form Builder...doesn't clear a NEW entry if there is a conflicting sort order.
  • Changed: Mock S-28 Form Builder...Missing links report now groups by item type.
  • Changed: Inventory Management...sort order. New sort order is 1.Item Type, 2.S-28 Sort Order, 3.Item Number. This 100% matches the "Inventory Month Check-in" form and will allow you to easily go down the list with that form.
  • Changed: "Search for Literature" (accessed via the Order Form screen) now maximizes.
  • Changed: Duplicate order warning now shows the Request Month, if you are using the Request Month.
  • Fixed: Inventory Management...can no longer place a quick order for an item that is unavailable.
  • Fixed: Inventory Check-In form did not include "Item Number" when sorting. Now it does.
  • Fixed: Less flickering when moving from maximized screens to non-maximized screens.
  • Fixed: Inventory Management "Find" button did not work correctly for non-English users. Changed SendKey commands to use tabbing instead of shortcut keys.
  • Fixed: LRO's Update Management mislabeled S-28 form as "S-14" form.
  • Bug Fix: The computer's Num Lock turns off due to SendKeys commands.
  • Minor cosmetic changes (removed background pictures for some screens to reduce flickering).

Wow, a lot of changes again!  Inventory Management really got an overhaul...lots of improvements to help you ensure you are getting an accurate report of all your inventory.  And then, with the new "Suggested Stock Item Orders" report, hopefully LRO will help you to ensure you never run out of your stock literature!!  :-)

NOTE: The report for suggested stock orders will ignore "inactive" literature, as well as any literature that belongs to an S-28 field with an asterisk (*) in the name.  This should filter out special request items.

Also, English users got 3 new items:

  • 6656: Real Faith - Your Key to a Happy Life
  • 4116: 'Bearing Thorough Witness' About God's Kingdom--On Compact Disc
  • 4411: 2011 Yearbook - On CD

If you do not upgrade to 1.3.1, you can still use the "Download Updates" button on the Literature Items List and get these new items.

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