Monday, February 15, 2010

Version 1.2.4 Released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • Added: Language to top of Mock S-28 form
  • Added: "Reset Filter" on all new filter screens.
  • Updated: Help info for Publisher Search asterisk
  • Changed: Request Month is no longer editable by default. Must click on "Allow Editing" to be able to change it.
  • Fixed: Item Name choices are populated after changing Item Number (if visible)
  • Fixed: Tab order on View All Orders, Pending Items, Orders by Publisher
  • Fixed: LRO adjusts date of order (if needed) when changing Request Month. Only orders for previous years are updated to be current year when Request Month is changed.
  • Fixed: Marking all orders as Received/Delivered when Inventory Automation is on will go faster and no longer flash/scroll through all records. Will now see an hourglass (or Vista/7 busy mouse) symbol and screen will refresh ONLY when it is finished.

I realized something about Request Month now that we are in a new year.  If you take an old order (perhaps because you ran out of that item) and re-submit it for the current order (simply by changing the Request Month date, and removing the mark from Ordered), it will show up as an order from last year on the month you selected.  So I put a fix that will update the date attached to an order if you change the Request Month on an older order.  It will prompt you before making the change to the date though, of course.

I also turned off the ability to change the Request Month by default.  When I first introduced the feature, I had it editable all the time so everyone could update the orders with a Request Month.  Now it is uneditable by default, but you can click "Allow Editing" to edit it, just like everything else.

Last but not least...we are remodeling our Kingdom Hall.  This means that I've got a VERY BUSY month coming up, as I take care of more than the usual congregational responsibilities.  Therefore the next update, which will be the addition of the Russian language, will be the last for about a month.  I hope to have this update by this weekend.  If anyone discovers any bugs, or has a QUICK change request, please submit it soon.

Thanks! :-)

PS - Screenshots are updated and available!

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