Wednesday, February 10, 2010

S-28 Form for Spanish users

Howdy all!

I have received a copy of the S-28 form in Spanish.  Spanish users can now download it and update their Mock S-28 Form.  To do this, please go to "Manejo del Inventario" -> "Constr. Form.
Simula. S-28" -> "Descargar Actualizaciones al S-28".

NOTE: This does NOT affect English users, only those who downloaded the Spanish version of LRO.

Thanks to brother Gus for providing the form, and thanks to brother Jorge for putting together the text into the spreadsheet for me!  :-)

On a different note...English users, you may want to delete items #9826 & 9830 from the "Literature Items List" screen.  During our Spanish translation, these items were discovered to be extraneous.  I could not find them in the Watchtower Publications listing either.  I'm not going to write a "delete" routine...I don't want to be deleting things out of your data.  So I'm telling you here that these two "sample" items don't appear to exist anymore and can be deleted.

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