Friday, February 5, 2010

Calling all Spanish brothers - Need S-28 form

Howdy all!

I am still searching for a Spanish version of the S-28 form.  Spanish users will notice that the mock S-28 form still has all the items in English.  While we could translate each item individually, if the S-28 form in Spanish has a different order of its categories and items, it would not be as easy to transfer the data from the Mock form onto the real form.  Therefore it is necessary to get a Spanish S-28 form to accurately recreate how it looks.

If any of you Spanish brothers can get a hold of the S-28 form, please send it to me via e-mail ( so I can update the Mock S-28 form for Spanish users.  :-)

Also, I was informed that the S-28 form should only display a single language, not combine literature from other languages.  So the next update will allow you to select the language to display on the report, based on the languages of the items you've entered.  I will allow you to leave this option blank in order to combine the languages, just in case it is applicable to you situation.


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