Sunday, January 10, 2010

Version 1.2.1a Released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • Grouping of Publisher report was improved to group by language after grouping by status.
  • Fixed mispelling on message
  • Help messages now open in a form instead of a message box.  This will allow for longer Help messages if needed.
  • Spanish translation has been added!  You can change back and forth between languages using the new field on the Settings screen.

Good evening everyone!  The much anticipated release of the Spanish version of LRO has arrived!  It can be downloaded from the Other Languages link.

Anyone downloading the Spanish version, PLEASE READ THESE DIRECTION CAREFULLY!!

If you are a CURRENT user of LRO, you will need to follow these directions BEFORE YOU UPGRADE in order to successfully get the Spanish Literature Items List: 

  1. Log into your congregation.
  2. Go to the Literature Items List screen.
  3. Click on "Edit Item Types"
  4. DELETE everything there.  When you go back to the Literature Items List screen, you will notice it is empty.  This will allow you to successfully get the Spanish list of items.
  5. Now you can download the Spanish version.

New LRO users will not have to do this.

Also very important!!

Anyone using the Spanish version please do NOT use the S-28 form's download update feature.  I NOT use the button "Descargar Actualizaciones al S-28".  It will empty out your S-28 form.  I will work on getting the mock S-28 form translated, as well as fix this for the 1.2.1b release.

You may also notice a few things that weren't translated, such as "Link Items", "Notes", and the statuses on the Reports screen.  These need to be handled differently, and I shall take care of them for 1.2.1b.  If you notice anything else, or find any mispellings or phrases that are not understandable, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Much thanks to the 3 brothers who assisted with this translation project!  :-)

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