Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Progress Report and Poll

Greetings everyone!

Unfortunately, I did not meet my deadline for deploying a Spanish version of LRO last Sunday.  I still am working on it along with 3 other brothers, and we are making GREAT progress!  We have completed the translation of all the interface (buttons & labels), as you can see in the sample image below:

You may notice one of the buttons has its text being cut off.  There are a couple tweaks still needed for the interface text, but for the most part it is done.

Next up is the Message Boxes, which I'm about halfway through checking.  After I've done my own checking, I submit it to one or more of the brothers who have volunteered, and they check into any concerns or questions I might have, as well as do their own proofreading.  So it is a rather lengthy process, but in the end, it should be VERY accurate and consistent.  :-)

Last but not least will be the Tool Tips to translate, but they should be the quickest to do.  I have a tentative deadline for this Sunday.  I'm confident I will make it this time.  ;-)

In the meantime, I had a little uncertainty on how to implement the new language.  Should I...

  • Have different versions of LRO dedicated to a single language?
  • Allow you to change the language dynamically?  If so, should it be done under the current Default Language setting (which is currently used to pre-select the language for orders and Inventory Items)
  • Or, if dynamically, should I make a completely separate setting?  Because you may be the one who handles the orders for multiple congregations, and they may be in other languages, but you don't want to have LRO's text switch languages on you when you change the Default Language setting for orders and Inventory Items.

You will notice a small poll on this blog to the right directly under "Other Resources".  I put it here so everyone could vote.  If I would have put it in the forums, only those who registered could vote.  Please participate and vote, and PLEASE...only vote once.  Thanks!

And also much thanks to all those who are helping with this translation! :-)

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