Saturday, January 30, 2010

Literature Update available - New Items added

Howdy all!

There is a Literature Update available for download.  To receive it, you must have an internet connection on the computer you are using LRO on.  Go to the "Literature Items List" screen and click on the "Download Literature Updates" button.

For English, the following items were added:

  • 8397 (km insert) - How Do I View Blood Fractions and Medical Procedures Involving My Own Blood?
  • 8020 (form) - Volunteer Letter

For Spanish, the following items were added:

  • 6652 (Folletos grandes) - La Biblia y su mensaje
  • 9261 (DVDs) - Las maravillas de la creación revelan la Gloria de Dios
  • 5416 (Libros) - Testimonio Cabal del Reino de Dios

Also, I was informed (and confirmed) there is a bug with the Backup system.  You may receive a "failure" message, even when the backup really was successful.  This is happening because I added a condition to check for: ensure the date & time of the both files match (which would catch RARE failures where you can read your backup, but not write to the location).  This error will show up if the backup copy is off even by 1 second, which could happen on a slower computer or if using a flash drive as a backup.  I will adjust the condition so it still checks the date & time, but won't be so strict, that way I can still catch this rare situation.  ;-)

I should have this bug fixed, as well as some more enhancements, this Sunday evening. Provided all goes well of course.

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