Monday, December 28, 2009

Version 1.2.1 Released!

Changes to Literature Room Organizer include:

  • New Feature: Check for Mock S-28 Form updates. If there is a change to the S-28 form, I can make it available for all to download now.  It can also be used to reset your S-28 form if you made changes to it that didn't work out.
  • Added: Warn on deletion of a literature item (S-14 item) if you have orders and/or inventory items that are using that S-14 number. Deleting one that is being used can cause issues in the future when I improve the structure of the data.
  • Removed: "Old Request Month" warning. Deemed too confusing & not designed well enough to accomplish what it was intended to do. May re-visit this on a later date...
  • Changed: No longer use "N/A" to mark orders when changing a literature item to inactive. The S-14 number is left alone, and the order is simply highlighted. I found another way to highlight without changing the S-14 number, and this is much preferable.
  • Changed: Design of Unordered Items & Pending Items detailed report. It is now in a portrait design.
  • Fixed: When managing orders, they will automatically sort by Request Month first if this setting is turned on. Originally, they ALWAYS sorted by the date stamp first.
  • Fixed: Changing a literature item number (S-14) did NOT update the orders & inventory numbers.
  • Fixed: Changing congregation name did not change the stock handling congregation name.
  • Fixed: Deleting items under "Orders by Publisher" that were Received & with Inventory Management Automation turned on did NOT subtract them from inventory.
  • Fixed: "Search for Publisher's Orders" now only shows your congregation (previously, Stock orders would show up, no matter what congregation submitted them). Unless you're using the Stock Handling feature, then you'll still see all Stock (if you're the Stock handler).
  • Fixed: If you tried to remove the check mark from a Delivered item that was also an inactive S-14 item, you could do it successfully.  But then you couldn't put it back.  Now it doesn't let you remove it in the first place (because it is inactive...can't be processed).
  • BUG FIX: Access 2007 (Run-time only) did not always successfully transfer the S-28 tables over an upgrade.  Thus causing run-time errors when doing anything with the S-28 forms & report.  This has been fixed.
  • Updates & improvements to Help information everywhere.
  • Message boxes everywhere have been standardized and improved.
  • Visual changes here and there, most noticeably on the Settings screen.

In addition to all these changes/fixes, LRO has also been upgraded to be capable of handling multiple languages.  This doesn't mean anything can't change the language of LRO yet.  But it is equipped to handle this now.

I am still working with a couple brothers to complete the Spanish translation of LRO.  We are nearly there, and hopefully will have it by the end of Sunday, if not sooner.  When we are finished,  and I release it, you will see a mini update (1.2.1a) which will contain the Spanish language pack, along with a "Full" Spanish version in the Other Languages link.  The "Full" version will also have the S-14 and S-28 items in Spanish.  I can only include one language of the S-14 and S-28 items, but the text throughout LRO can be dynamically changed between languages and will be included in all language versions.

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